Ingrid Chauvin reveals a rare moment between her son Tom and her companion Philippe Warrin for Mother’s Day

Sunday May 29, 2022, Ingrid Chauvin posted on Instagram a video of her son Tom and his companion, Philippe Warrin, on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The two loves of the actress seem to get along wonderfully.

Ingrid Chauvin has found love in the arms of Philippe Warrin, a photographer. After a few months together, the star actress of the series tomorrow belongs to us and her new companion now form a beautiful blended family of four children. And for good reason, Philippe Warrin is a father of a 14-year-old teenager and two girls aged 22 and 23 respectively. The lovebirds have put everything in place so that this little world agrees at best. “They feel like they’ve known each other forever.“, rejoiced Ingrid Chauvin.

Little Tom got up to speed very quickly. “For him, it’s just more. He has a unique relationship with each of the children. The age difference between them is not felt. He had a crush on Léa, who is 22 years old, he is almost in love with her. She is very soft. Vasco, aged 14, is very touched by this new little brother whom he likes to take care of. The tall one, Luana, has a lot of energy, they dance together. It’s a very well orchestrated score.. I think it’s great, I have a house full of life with children, animals“, described the actress in the columns of We both.

Ingrid Chauvin, a fulfilled woman

Soothed and fulfilled, Ingrid Chauvin now leads a softer daily life. Witness the video posted on her Instagram account, Sunday, May 29, 2022. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the actress posted images showing little Tom tenderly supported by Philippe Warrin. Tom recites a poem there for his mother. “For my mom whom I love. I put in a poem: an ‘a’, an ‘i’, an ‘m’, an ‘e’ to say ‘I love you’“, he began before Ingrid Chauvin said to him: “You make me cry !

A scene that visibly moved Ingrid Chauvin. In legend, she did not fail to have a thought for all the mothers who follow her but also for hers: “Happy day to all the moms from here and elsewhere and more particularly to mine which I love deeply. I embrace you tenderly“, she wrote. On this day, Ingrid Chauvin has already received the most beautiful gift: love.