Ingrid Chauvin: this sober and poignant tribute to her daughter Jade, who died eight years ago

Ingrid Chauvin paid tribute to her little Jade on March 25. Eight years ago to the day, her little girl died at just five months old.

A date engraved forever. Eight years ago to the day, March 25, 2014, Ingrid Chauvin experienced the greatest pain. Then only five months old, her little girl died of a heart defect she was born with. A tragedy for the actress, who will never forget this day. On her Instagram account for this sad anniversary, she soberly honored the memory of Jade. In story, she shared stars on a black background on which was written the name of her daughter. Thierry Peythieu, the ex-husband of Ingrid Chauvin, also paid tribute to their baby. He shared the image of a clapperboard on the set of Here everything begins where he wrote “Jade”. “Forever love…”tenderly captioned the director of the series.

In the columns of Paris Match a few years ago, Ingrid Chauvin remembered the day her life changed, in March 2014. “I was in the kitchen preparing his bottle. Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling, as if the atmosphere that emanated from his room was differentconfided the actress to our colleagues. I stayed close to her and, little by little, I felt her pulse getting weaker and weaker. I watched helplessly as my daughter left. After Jade’s death, Ingrid Chauvin got pregnant again. A very complicated moment for the actress. “When I was pregnant with Tom, I was talking to himshe explained to Gala. I had times where I cried a lot because I was reliving what I had been through and I had this lack of my daughter.”

Ingrid Chauvin: “Jade remains omnipresent at home”

Tom’s mother, Ingrid Chauvin does not forget her little Jade. But the actress does not want this tragedy to influence her son. “I absolutely have to hide my worries from him and let him discover the world in complete freedom. I remain a traumatized mother, this mourning is anchored in meshe confided to Us Two. No matter how much I smile at life and be the happiest in the world when I’m with Tom, I’m half dead inside. Jade remains omnipresent at home and I wrote my two books so that one day my son would know all about our history. This will be the path for all three of us: to move forward without forgetting anything.” Every March 25, Ingrid Chauvin honors the memory of her first child.


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