Inside Mane de Aca Shore’s luxurious home: gym, balcony and recording studio

On several occasions, the member of Acapulco Shore has shown what her house is like inside Video: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial

Manelyk González is one of the most beloved members of the Acapulco Shore reality show, as her fans they remember her within the program even if she is not participating In the season. On his Instagram alone, he has 14 million followers.

On several occasions, the influencer has shown how it is his luxurious and spacious houseit should be noted that this place has many amenities such as designated spaces to exercise, spend time with friends, edit, record videos, drink soft drinks and spend time with his dog Jacinto.

Currently his only roommate is Hyacinth. She is so attached to her little Pomerian dog that has even accompanied her to the reality show mtv. But until nearly a year ago, she shared her nice sprawling abode with Jawy, her ex-fiancé.

Photo: Instagram/manelyk_oficial
Photo: Instagram/manelyk_oficial

Manelyk’s house it has several rooms connected by a long corridorwhich is decorated with a white table and a giant circular mirror, in this space he sometimes places a folder to give texture to the aesthetics of his home or, a vase.

The decoration of his house is very similar to minimalism, since it does not have many colors in each bedroom, white paint predominates and the wood a little darker than the ocher used in its doors, which are very high.

Its main bedroom is painted in platinum gray and has pictures on the wall with caricature figures, his bed is a double size and is covered with colored quilts.

Mane has three cameras (Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial)
Mane has three cameras (Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial)

In one of his videos, Manelyk González Barrera -his full name-, gave a tour of his house and showed that it has a large kitchen with two bars to enjoy drinks. One of them is part of an integral L-shaped cabinet and has large cupboards, which connect to your refrigerator.

In that same one, there is a hood that is used to absorb steam or smoke and unlike other kitchens, has curved finish made of glass, giving the impression that it is a lamp. The other bar is connected to the sink for washing dishes and probably the stove and oven.

The exit from this room leads back to the large hallway. Very close to the L-shaped bar is the room that Manelyk uses as a stage for his YouTube videos.platform where his channel has 1 million subscribers.

This is his study in his room with the giant bears (Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial)
This is his study in his room with the giant bears (Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial)

According to Mane, it is in this room “Where the magic happens”, as it is painted in dark turquoise blue and has large canvas paintings illustrating multi-colored spirals. In this space it also draws attention that it has two giant bears of the Gucci brand.

Although the design is not available in online stores, dolls of a similar size have a value of at least MXN 4 thousand. On the table in the room he also has his YouTube plaque for reaching his first million followers.

In this room, the aca shore has three cameras, the one he always uses and is placed on a tripod, that of his guests and that of the specialist, which is used to film different angles in his content. It should be noted that Manelyk also does some collaborations with brands.

This is part of her dressing room (Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial)
This is part of her dressing room (Photo: Instagram/@manelyk_oficial)

One of the corners of this recording studio connects with a small editing area where Mane has his computer, a printer and the scripts, so as not to forget the most important aspects of his videos. Use a television as a prompter.

Mane’s house also has a guest bathroom, two extra bedrooms and a dressing room where you have some drawers to put your shoes and a white chair to dress in front of a lighted mirror.

Mane also has a balcony where she works out. In this space he has some equipment to do various stretches and he also usually does yoga with a mat. The view from this place overlooks the other apartments.


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