Inside the house that Christian Nodal left in Mexico when he went to live in the US

The earth calls. And Christian Nodal knows this because one of his first large real estate investments was made in his native Caborca, in Guaymas. The Sonoran was, last year, at the peak of his life with Belinda’s romance and his participation as a judge on La Voz México.

It was then that he decided to buy the mansion where he would live every time he visited Caborca: it is a house very close to San Carlos beach and with a spectacular view of Tekatawi hill, which means “Stone Mountain” in Yaqui.

Javier Ceriani, in his program Gossip No Like, came to ensure that Nodal had bought that house for Belinda but the couple never showed photos of any stay in that house, as if they did when they moved to Barcelona.

The truth is that now that Nodal has decided to move to Los Angeles, this house could be the place for the singer’s vacation in Mexico.

In 2021, while recording his new album, Nodal constantly posted Instagram stories in which he showed the creative process, often carried out in that house in which the piano occupies a predominant place.

In addition to this house, Nodal also has a residence in Guadalajara, where he usually spends a lot of time when he has to be on promotion, although, it must be remembered, much of 2021 was spent in Barcelona.