Insider: “For the first time, Charlene uttered the word divorce”

Despite her return to Monaco after completing her stay in the hospital Charlene continue not to live in the Prince’s Palace. According to media reports, Prince Albert wife, who must continue to take it easy, have retreated to the Grimaldis’ country estate, Roc Agel. The move is said to have been preceded by a heated discussion with her husband.

Princess Charlène is said to have threatened divorce

A Palace source claims to the French magazine Voicithat Charlène is said to have refused to live on the grounds of the Prince’s Palace. It was her urgent wish to settle down away from the limelight on Roc Agel. The country residence of the princely family in the French municipality of Peille is around 20 minutes by car from Monaco.

Albert II fulfilled this wish of the mother of his children – even if this decision should not have been easy for him. According to the magazine, Charlène is said to have vehemently insisted on her request until the prince finally gave in.

“For the first time, Charlene has uttered the word ‘divorce’. And that is unthinkable for him. He would do anything not to let it come to that and she knows it very well,” the French newspaper quoted a palace source as saying.