“Insulted”, “degraded”, compared to a “doll”, Nabilla returns to the violence of certain critics

Nabilla has for some time been in the spotlight other than reality TV. Having become a businesswoman and muse of fashion, the 30-year-old has a lucid look at the image she was able to reflect and has taken a step back from her own past.

“It’s quite shocking”

Asked in the program C à vous on January 4 about her detractors at the time (in 2013) who willingly compared her to a “doll” or an X actress, Nabilla provided a wise response. “I think that at the time, it was quite violent given that I was 19 years old. I may not have had fashion in my skin, I was looking for myself a little bit but to do it in front of everyone world. And above all, to be insulted by men, I find that it is even more violent…” Fortunately, according to her, this kind of virulent criticism “because we’re sexy, we wear necklines, we wear high heels” could not happen today. “Times have moved on but these are pretty serious things… (…) It’s quite shocking.”

Nabilla even thanks today this violence which, in the “demeaning”forged her and gave her “given rage” to prove that she is not “brainless”. “Thanks to them, I have a very good life today”. Mother of two children, married, creator of cosmetics, we can say that the criticism will have been constructive.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-insultee-rabaissee-comparee-a-une-poupee-nabilla-revient-sur-la-violence-de-certaines-critiques-1425443.aspx