Internet users criticize Jaime Bayly’s reaction to the death of Diego Bertie: The driver did not even mention the death of the actor with whom he had a short relationship in his program | People | Entertainment

After the news of the sudden death of Diego Bertielast Friday, August 5, one of the most expected reactions was that of Jaime Bayly.

Unfortunately, those who expected the writer Peruvian made any mention or dedicated a few words to the deceased actorthey were left wanting to see this, since Bayly made no mention of this event.

The omission of Jaime Bayly towards the death of Diego Bertie

According to Diario Las Americas, the day the news of Diego Bertie’s death became known, there was much expectation that Jaime Bayly would begin the live broadcast of his TV showbut instead of mentioning anything about this, the driver of TV He decided to dedicate his space to some friends present in the studio.

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After this, Bayly started her show normally, talking about Nancy PelosiSpeaker of the House of Representatives of the USA.

It should be noted that, on another occasion, the Peruvian writer also said that he made a mention of Bertie in his novel “Don’t tell anyone”, as a “tribute”.

User reactions

After Bayly did not mention anything about him death of Bertie, many users attacked him and claimed that he should have said something about Diego, as reported by E Online.

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“What a pity James. I expected more from you. Now it is confirmed that you used it and it was as Diego said it”, “Don’t see it anymore, at least a few small words for Diego. Indifference is the worst”, “He deserves a few words from you”, “Here waiting for what he will say about Diego”, and “Jaime Bayly must be sad only that he does not … He never loved Diego Bertie, he he just used it, well one day I hope he regrets it ”, were some of the comments against Bayly.

The relationship between Bayly and Bertie

For almost three decades, Diego Bertie refused to talk about the relationship he had with Jaime, however, he had recently spoken about it in an interview, assuring that it was a “short and failed” relationship. Likewise, the actor also confirmed his homosexualityand how he carried the subject with his daughter.

“I never had the need to talk about it, because it was very clear to me. My daughter has known that I am gay since she is 6 years old, and she could have avoided telling her, ”she said in a interview with Magaly TV La Firme.

Bertie confirmed the rumor that she had had an affair with the journalist Jaime Bayly, and that he had told about it in his famous novel “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Yes, I was a friend of Jaime. We had a short relationship, it was not a relevant failed relationship, what was relevant was what he did with me, he wrote books, he exposed my privacy, he exposed things that I had the right to expose when I wanted and at the time I wanted, he exposed me and he violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career and he did me a lot of damage”. Bertie finished. (AND)

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