Internet users criticize the room of the baby Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse: she comments

Via the Instagram page of a store, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse unveiled the images of the room of her baby to be born next month. See them here.

During his visit to Véronique and the Fantasticsshe returned to the subject.

I ventured into the comments section, something I never do “, she says first. ” In fact, it was my boyfriend who went to read them for fun. There are plenty of people who are very nice, but I would tell you that 99% of people hate the bedroom. It makes me laugh a lot. They hate it, but really viscerally “, indicates the muse of Revolution.

It’s no problem, I welcome them “, she says. “ I figure, this is my baby’s room, not yours, so that’s okay. »

She adds : ” It makes me laugh. People say, “they look like living room curtains, because I have some wavy, Mid-Century, floor-length curtains.” I didn’t know that it couldn’t go in a bedroom, they teach me that! »

In addition to the commentary on the curtains, which indeed often comes up, some write: ” it gives the effect of being messy », « it looks like a boudoir ” Where ” too sober and not conducive to wonder “.

let’s remember that Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse walked the red carpet at the premiere of Guillaume Pineault last week. See her and her nice plump belly here.