Internet users protest against vacation photos of Iris Law

Jude Law’s daughter posted pictures of herself carrying a baby turtle on her Instagram account on January 3. Many comments have castigated this gesture which jeopardizes the survival of the marine reptile.

Iris Law seems to have had a carefree and happy vacation on the beach. But in a carousel of eight photos posted on Instagram, two of them angered Internet users: we see the daughter of Jude Law proudly carry a baby turtle.

Touching baby turtles compromises their survival

Many of her 691,000 followers implored her not to handle these baby sea turtles. As Oulanga Na Nyamba explains, association for the protection of marine turtles of Mayotte, touching and transporting these animals can be dangerous. These “need to get active and run on the beach before they hit the water”. Walk which allows in particular “the healing of the umbilical cord [par] friction on the sand”. In addition, carrying and moving them risks disorienting them and preventing them from finding their way back to the water.

“Madam ‘I’d do anything for views’”

This is precisely what informed Internet users have pointed out in the comments of the photo. One user added that “their shells are so sensitive at this age that[en les touchant], you can transmit diseases to them”. Another protested, emphasizing the vanity of social networks: “Leave the wildlife alone, you kind of madam ‘I would do anything for views'”, or, in the same vein, “baby turtles are not not Insta props”.

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