INTERVIEW – Alice Varela’s summer (Tomorrow belongs to us): “These vacations where I almost drowned…”

For the summer, offers you a great new event. Until August 15, each day, a personality answers our summer questionnaire. Today, it is Alice Varela, actress that we currently find in Tomorrow belongs to us, who takes the pen.

Oh, summer! The sun, the holidays, this time when you can bask under a blue sky, finish the book that hasn’t been finished since the previous summer, take the time for what you always leave for the next day… To celebrate the summer holidays, went to meet several personalities from the world of television, music, fashion or cinema to ask them a few questions about their habits each summer. This day is Alice Varela that we give the floor. The actress who can be found every evening, at 7:10 p.m., on TF1 in the hit series tomorrow belongs to usin the skin of Judith Delcourt, agreed to comply with the summer interview game. In summer, do you prefer the sea or the mountains?
Alice Varela
: Rather sea, I like the atmosphere of a sunset on the beach with the sand of the west coast. Holidays, with friends or family?
Alice Varela
: Both. It feels good to have a crazy time with friends, and a loving time with family. What was your best vacation? And the worst?
Alice Varela : The best, holidays in Malaysia, very far from everything on deserted islands with a culture very different from ours. And the worst, I don’t really have any but I have moments that marked me, especially at sea when I almost drowned with my cousin because of a bath. Your ideal holiday?
Alice Varela : In the sun to tan, watch sunsets while eating pizza and drinking rosé with my girlfriends, and singing with my family around a barbecue, with my father who plays the guitar! For your holidays, do you prefer visits or idleness?
Alice Varela : I really like to visit new places that I don’t know and I am very organized in terms of discovery to combine the two. On vacation, what books or records do you take?
Alice Varela : I always try to read books that make me think, that help me with personal development… but I never take the time to read them. And in terms of music, my playlist on my phone is with me all the time. The flavor or the dish that reminds you of summer?
Alice Varela : The smell of pines that we find a lot around our beaches in the south-west, as well as the melon that inaugurates the beginning of summer. Do you know where you will be going on vacation this summer?
Alice Varela : My problem is that nothing is 100% sure long in advance, I do a lot of my holidays at the last moment, so my idea this summer is to go to Sicily, to Faro with friends, and in the Balearic Islands with girlfriends! Little anecdote: each new city I visit I make a Polaroid and I develop disposable cameras, I love to make albums afterwards.

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