INTERVIEW – Bruno Putzulu very close to Johnny Hallyday: this crazy thing he did for him

Bruno Putzulu knew Johnny Hallyday well. He was even very close to the famous singer. In the columns of the last issue of Here, the comedian of Here it all begins revealed a surprising anecdote about him.

Bruno Putzulu has a career that would make many actors pale. At 55, he even played for the most famous directors on the big screen: Bertrand Tavernier, Jacques Audiard, Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Mocky. On television, he has also appeared in numerous TV movies and series. The latest is Here it all starts on TF1, where he camps Guillaume Devaut, the deputy headmaster of the Auguste Armand Institute. A role now behind him since his character left the program and he should not return to the spin-off of tomorrow belongs to us. It was still a great experience for who is also a singer. In 2010, he even released an album, called Funny people. A first attempt for which he received good advice from Johnny Hallyday, who was his best friend.

Bruno Putzulu makes a surprising secret about his friendship with Johnny Hallyday

Bruno Putzulu had thus met Johnny Hallyday on the set of the film Why not me ?in 1998. “You could easily feel like you were friends with Johnny, but it was actually something that was built over time.he confided on European 1in June 2021. Johnny called me at night, at three or four in the morning, and he was the face when I did not pick up. On the other hand, when I called him at night and he picked up he said to me: ‘But you’re crazy! Why are you calling me at this time!?'”. new number of Here is, Bruno Putzulu returned to his friendship with the rocker evoking his nostalgic temperament.

For me, nostalgia is not a disease or a bad word, it does not mean that I am not happy, but that what no longer comes back, I miss. If I could go back to childhood with a snap of my fingers, I would go back there right away, if only to see the people I loved and who are no longer there. My father, of course, but also – among others – Philippe Noiret and Johnny, who I was very close to“, he explained. Bruno Putzulu revealed thathe saw the singer”very often. He even did something one day that he never imagined. “I wrote her a song when I had never done that in my life“, he revealed. The greatest gift he could give to his great friend.

The full interview of Bruno Putzulu and much more to find in the new issue of Here is on newsstands this Friday, September 30, 2022.