INTERVIEW – Caroline (Married at first sight 2022): “It’s so crazy when I think about it! »

During the first episode of the new season of Married at first sight, broadcast this Monday, March 21, viewers will meet Caroline. Before following her quest for love, the 29-year-old young woman agreed to return to the beginnings of her adventure.

Caroline is ready to find her soul mate. Single for three yearsthe young woman wanted to write a new chapter in her life by participating in the new season of Married at first sight, broadcast this Monday, March 21 on M6. Committed to veganism and ecology, Caroline hopes to find a man who will know how to share his values ​​and convictions. For Gala.frthe bubbly candidate returned to this experience that turned her life upside down. Confidences. You have always followed the show, what prompted you to sign up?

Carolina: I had been single for a while. After becoming a mother, I was just beginning to have the desire to meet men again and to recreate a couple. I found the idea of ​​bringing two compatible people together very interesting. As the couples of last season had a real crush, even if for some it did not last, I was really impressed by the concept of the show. You were a young single mother for three years. This period must not have been easy for you.

Carolina: It wasn’t too easy in practice. Mom of a little boy with a lot of dogs and a business to run on her own, it was really a lot of work all of a sudden. But other than that, emotional, I was really happy to be with my son and find out. So I couldn’t say I missed it. I was no longer necessarily attracted to men. I had cut myself off from all that. What did your relatives think of your participation in the show?

Carolina: My relatives were really happy for me. My participation did not surprise them too much. They know that I am strong enough and that I manage to manage my emotions. So they had no concerns for me. It didn’t erase them. Even they didn’t know how I could find love. They thought that might be the solution. I am a somewhat unusual case so why not go through an equally unusual program.

“I had a hard time believing it” How did the weeks of testing go?

Carolina: It’s so crazy when I think about it! We register, we have a first person on the phone, then a second, then yet another. Each time, I wondered: “when is it going to stop? ” (she laughs). And then, it never stopped for me. I did workshops and many tests. I could spend whole days talking to psychologists and answering questions. I really invested myself a lot during the different stages spread over six months. You are one of the strong personalities of this season by being the vegan candidate. What made you want to adopt this way of life?

Carolina: It seemed obvious. When I went to Italy to learn the language, I watched a lot of videos on social media. And thanks to people’s information about slaughterhouses, I realized that I couldn’t condone all that. I had to do my part to make this all stop. Overnight, when I hated vegetables and didn’t know how to cook them, I went to a small market gardener. Were you afraid that this way of life would be an obstacle to finding your soul mate?

Carolina: It is a brake yes and no. It prevents you from being compatible with several people. But when I find the person who shares the same values, it’s beautiful.

Lionel GUERICOLAS/AGENCY 1827/M6 Was that the number one criterion in your quest?

Carolina: Yes, but not necessarily veganism. In my romantic relationships, I have already met people who were not necessarily vegan. They ended up opening their eyes and changing their diet. Above all, I was looking for a sensitivity to nature, animals and a respect for all that. Finally Pascal de Sutter tells you that a young man is compatible with your personality, how did you experience this announcement?

Carolina: I had a hard time believing it. I signed up thinking, “If there’s one male person signing up who shares the same values ​​as me, it’s that person, period.” When Pascal de Sutter told me that a person was compatible with me, I said to myself that this person really existed. I do not believe it.

“This experience really allowed me to experience a lot of exciting things” In what state of mind were you in your wedding dress before going down the aisle?

Carolina: Surprisingly, I was very calm and peaceful, unlike many brides. Everyone around me was worried about not seeing me stressed (she laughs). I said I was going to do it so I handled the situation. Afterwards it was a little different in the last seconds when I was going to meet my future husband. Did you have any doubts at times about your participation?

Carolina: When the cards were drawn, I wondered what I was going to do if things went wrong. I had been so into this adventure for six months that I didn’t want to go back. Did this program allow you to learn certain things about yourself?

Carolina: Before, I would have been embarrassed to be too demanding. I even considered that to be my biggest flaw. After the show, I’m proud to be demanding. I will remain demanding and I find it very good to be demanding (she laughs).

Lionel GUERICOLAS/AGENCY 1827/M6 If you had to define your participation in a few words, what would they be?

Carolina: It was exciting. I need to do somewhat exceptional things to feel alive. This experience really allowed me to experience a lot of exciting things. Would you encourage single people in search of love to live this experience?

Carolina: Yes and no. I would always encourage people to experience new things. If a person participates in the show as a last resort and it doesn’t work, I’m afraid that this person will experience it very badly. Without saying too much, today, are you happy?

Carolina: Single or not, in any case, I am very happy in my life.

Photo credits: Lionel GUERICOLAS/AGENCE 1827/M6