INTERVIEW – Charlene of Monaco, metamorphosed: “Faith saved her”

For months, Charlene of Monaco has been absent from the Rock. Stranded in South Africa for health problems, the princess made a discreet return to the principality at the start of 2022. But not really recovered, the latter was playing hide and seek with the photographers… A stay in a private clinic in Switzerland later and Charlene of Monaco made her big comeback on the public scene on April 30, 2022. But the one who shunned photographers, regularly displaying a closed mine, suddenly appeared smiling, resplendent, serene and accessible. Never seen !

While the documentary Albert and Charlene, a couple in turmoil, broadcast on W9 this Tuesday, January 3 at 9:05 p.m., returns to the ordeals overcome by Charlene of Monaco, Bertrand Deckersa journalist specializing in crowned heads, evokes with this surprising comeback. According to the journalist, Charlene of Monaco has rediscovered the taste for living thanks to faith. Detail that is not one: did the Princess of Monaco not appear publicly on social networks on April 17, on the occasion of the Easter holiday, which marks for Christians the resurrection of Jesus- Christ? And what about that private interview with the pope in July 2022, that black mantilla and that pearl necklace topped with a remarkable cross around his neck? In private, it is rumored that she would never leave a rosary offered by the sovereign pontiff… While Charlene of Monaco prepares to pay tribute to Monsignor Barsiwho disappeared on December 28 and who had celebrated her marriage and baptized her twins, Backstage look at a metamorphosis. Has Charlene of Monaco made a comeback after a very eventful arrival on the Rock?

Bertrand Deckers: Yes, Charlene recently got a makeover. We want to say that the ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ in Monaco is over. It must be said that Charlene has gone through painful episodes. We often talk about Meghan Markle in the UK, but she was under terrible pressure, and for me, Monaco is even worse. It must be said that all the wealthy families of the Principality thought that their daughters would have done the job divinely better than Charlene. She had all the great families of the Principality against her. And she made a huge mistake in my opinion, which is that she didn’t learn enough French. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were very surrounded compared to Charlene of Monaco. She had Virginia Gallico as an advisor, who was already 85 years old when she started coaching Charlene… It was already her who had guided Grace’s first steps! Overnight, Charlene of Monaco finds herself with the status of First Lady and she does not have the codes. Charlene of Monaco has not managed to fit in and fit into the mold planned for her?

comics: Charlene from Monaco ended up slipping on a board that drove her mad. The palace acknowledged major psychological problems. But we soaped this board well so that it slides. There are a lot of people who were very happy that she didn’t come back from South Africa for almost a year and would have preferred her to stay there. The old Monegasque families, the prince’s entourage, consider that she was not doing the job enough at the time. Regularly, she was expected, and at the last moment she did not come. The palace advisers had had enough of Charlene. After health problems in South Africa, then a visit to a very reputable clinic in Switzerland… was Charlene’s return to the Rock necessarily highly anticipated?

comics: We said to ourselves that on her return, she was bound to stay at Roc Agel, that she was not going to return to this aquarium palace, where the whole principality has its eyes riveted. She was going to choose her commitments, make herself an à la carte monarchy where she was going to be present at the Christmas tree organized by the palace, perhaps at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, or possibly at the Red Cross ball. That Charlene of Monaco was going to choose certain events. But in reality, we were wrong. She spent three weeks at Roc Agel, as she had done at the time of her marriage, then she returned to the palace and we now see her at almost all events. Charlene has never been so present. It is present officially, but also unofficially. We see pictures of Charlene walking the streets. She stops, she takes a coffee. Last month, she was seen eating a salad on Port Hercule. And people recognize it. And she replies to passers-by: “Yes, I’m better”, and even asks people if they want a souvenir photo. She’s even holding the camera to take the selfie! How can this radical change in behavior be explained?

comics: The clinic she attended is one of the best in the world. But that’s not all. Charlene would have turned to religion, as had Grace Kelly. Maybe she just watched the story. Grace was godly beyond belief and even when she was in Hollywood on Sundays she went to mass. She is the only one among her colleagues to take Sunday off to get there.

Charlene of Monaco became very close to the palace chaplain, Father Penzo, who knew Grace very well. She opened up about all of this with him. She would have contacted him first to have information about Grace and to know how she was doing, “how would she have done if she was me”and she discovered spirituality with him. She found faith. faith saved her. She converted to Catholicism by her marriage, it was not part of her genes, nor of her culture, like Grace Kelly for example. What struck me was the outfit worn by Charlene of Monaco during the Monegasque National Day, we are in an almost monastic outfit. This big white dress with this almost religious cape. The secret to Charlene’s revival is faith. She has accepted that her destiny is different and only one person can truly understand that, and that is God.

© Prince’s Palace Is Charlene of Monaco still an attentive mother for her twins, Jacques and Gabriella?

comics: Charlene of Monaco is working hard on the future of her son Jacques. She takes great care of her two children. It is she who takes them to school, a Catholic establishment near the palace. She was the one who insisted that the children go to school, while Albert and Caroline would have preferred that they take lessons at the palace. I would even say that during Charlene’s absence, the children had to take private lessons at the palace… But, in the same way as Kate Middleton for exampleCharlene comes from a completely normal background. Who surrounds Charlene de Monaco on a daily basis?

comics: She is very close to her brothers, of Gareth who lives in the Principalityand Sean who resides in South Africa, but whom she has on the phone regularly. His parents Lynette and Michael live very close to her, since they have a house in La Turbie. Charlene from Monaco sees them very often. When she returned from Switzerland, they had lunch together every day at Roc Agel. The wife of Albert II would have kept some friends in the sports sphere. But there is no photo, we do not really know if she sees them. She doesn’t seem to have kept any real bridges with her previous life. Charlene from Monaco is very family.

Bertrand Deckers – Author of the book “I love Elizabeth II” published by Robert Laffont

Photo credits: Avalon/Panoramic/Bestimage