INTERVIEW – Colin (Koh-Lanta 2022): “I had monstrous insomnia on my return”

A twist in the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem broadcast this Tuesday, April 26, 2022: it was the young Colin who was eliminated from the council, despite his pact sealed with the ex-reds during his negotiations as ambassador with Louana. The Swiss spoke in detail about his career in the adventure for

In the episode of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem broadcast this Tuesday, April 26, 2022, viewers discovered that Setha, the mother from the Rhône, paid for the reunification, eliminated by teammate Colin. The 25-year-old was elected ambassador by the opposing team to negotiate against Louana. Faced with the young woman’s inflexibility, Alexandra’s former sidekick had to make a choice between attempt a draw disadvantageous (two black balls against one for Louana, consequence of the cursed totem) or else eliminate a member of the old yellow team.

In return for his agreement to oust Setha, the captain of the reds guaranteed him that no member of his tribe would not vote against him or his friend Olga on the next four tips. But in a turnaround, the reds finally decided to concentrate their votes on the digital manager from Switzerland. A betrayal that Colin had not seen coming, he who wanted so much to shine in the individual trials following reunification. The adventurer reviewed his Koh-Lanta for

>> PHOTOS – Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem: the 24 new adventurers of the game Did you train in any particular way before entering the game?

Colin: Yes, there were several things! First, sports physical training. I’ve been training regularly for years, not specifically for Koh-Lanta but to be in top shape. As soon as I was sure of being part of the cast, I did specific training, especially in swimming, apnea and strength. Afterwards, in terms of strategy, I did a lot of research. I caught up, I watched a lot of episodes of Koh-Lanta. I also read a survival book, I practiced making a fire, making a cabin, knots… I also practiced for events specific things, like using a compass. In what state of mind did you enter the adventure?

Colin: I was there to set records and to win. So the objective was simple, that’s why my elimination was horrible for me because I wanted to shine as an individual and I didn’t have the opportunity to do so. I’m very disappointed with that. Reunification was a step that I wanted to overcome. Were there aspects of survival that were difficult for you to manage?

Colin: The food aspect, you can’t really practice it. I had done a few fasts before, I had tested to see how my body reacted to food deprivation but in fact there is nothing comparable to more than twenty days without eating, even if we had comforts. Survival, on the whole, was more of a “kiff”. I learned from others and others learned from me, it was sharing. Have you lost a lot of weight?

Colin: I haven’t lost much weight, barely 2 or 3 kilos. I ate a lot of coconut! I may be the person who has eaten the most coconuts of all seasons. It was to fill my stomach! Afterwards, there are side effects in the mono coconut diet, the details of which I will spare you… How did your regrouping with the former greens go when you went under the yellow banner?

Colin: There will never have been such a good atmosphere as among the blues. We were not affected by the strategy and by the old colors. It was very good child, we won almost all the tests and more. When we arrived at the yellows, there were hitches, especially with Yannick, clashes, judgments… there were more strategies and low blows.

“Yannick wanted to crush me to take my place” Did your relationship with Yannick soften after your confrontation?

Colin: Yes clearly, it ended quite well, we got to know each other better. There was just this thing of getting into it and “clashing” to be the dominant male, it was painful in the long run. I just wanted there to be a good atmosphere, while he wanted to crush me to take my place. Tensions intensified even more when the former greens eliminated your former blue teammate Alexandra…

Colin: Exactly. We went from a phase of good-natured play to a very strategic phase, where we eliminated more on merit but according to alliances. So inevitably the nice little Colin turned into a monster. In Colin strategist! So it gave what you saw, but I have no regrets. What was a turning point in your adventure was above all your role as ambassador during the reunification of the yellow and red teams. How did you approach your negotiations with Louana?

Colin: If I managed to turn the situation against Louana, it was “all good”. Otherwise, I wanted to have my cards in hand and be able to decide to change my allies and see more in the long term. It was complicated when I found myself with these two black balls instead of one, it added additional pressure to me. I had no intention of going to the draw at the base, let alone when I saw the two black balls. So I played the bluff for as long as possible. Did this role of ambassador cost you your adventure?

Colin: It was definitely a factor. Would I have been eliminated by another ambassador if I had not been elected myself? By Nicolas or Setha? I don’t know, it was also another risk. I left through the back door this season, people said to themselves that I had betrayed and that I had no word. It’s a shame, I would have preferred it to end differently but I have no regrets. Would you have acted differently if you had had the opportunity to start the adventure again?

Colin: Obviously with “if” we redo the adventure… I rewatched the film of the events a lot, I had monstrous phases of insomnia on my return, it was very complicated. But at some point you have to let go, that’s how it is. The smallest action has an influence in Koh-Lanta, but there is no point in redoing the game. Did you experience your elimination as a betrayal of the pact you had sealed with Louana during your negotiations?

Colin: It’s hard to say the word betrayal because they didn’t keep their word but I didn’t keep my word either. Incidentally, I thought they were going to at least keep their word until the first council. I’m not naive, I imagined that it was not going to hold three councils. But I really didn’t expect them to decide to eliminate me so soon since we still had this alliance and they could trust me. Have you seen any former candidates after the adventure?

Colin: I saw a lot of them. All my weekends have been taken! I’m coming back from Lille with the whole team. I went to see Alexandra in Martinique. I went to Paris several times to see other candidates. I will soon be going to see Anne-Sophie in Athens. We are very united and I have no hatred against the old reds. I spent the weekend with François while he was heavily involved in the strategy to eliminate me.

“I was having small bouts of bulimia when I returned” How was after Koh-Lanta?

Colin: When I returned to Switzerland, it was very complicated for me, I was very disappointed. We are still accompanied during this period, there is a production psychologist who follows us. I had insomnia for months, I had problems with food, I was having little bouts of bulimia… It lasted like that until my acceptance phase. What is your assessment of your time in Koh-Lanta?

Colin: This adventure brought me things I didn’t expect. It gave me strong friendships, extremely concentrated emotions… It was crazy! I was really there for the win and for the scores so it didn’t give me everything I was hoping for, even if it’s still very positive overall! Afterwards, if they call me to try the adventure again, I’m leaving tonight if necessary.

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