Interview Jorge Oñate talking about Diomedes Díaz

A video is circulating through social networks that recalls an interview with the late vallenato music singer Jorge Oñate. In the clip, the artist is heard talking about another great folklore, his “compadre” Diomedes Díaz.

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The interviewer asks him some questions about some alleged discussions they have had, He even told him that it was said that Oñate was the first to “run” when Diomedes was hospitalized..

No, no, I have never argued with Diomedes, never, he will argue alone, it is that Diomedes is a bit soye… When he is soyao it has nothing to do with the Virgen del CarmenOnate pointed out.

For his part, in 2011, the ‘Cacique’ was asked when they would see him in Colombia on his own plane. “Ombre, that’s been my goal all my life, but it’s just… Oñate is alive, man. And who puts up with Oñate sending the plane to prick the tireputting wasps in it, putting snakes in it so that it crashes and kills me… As long as Jorge is alive I don’t buy a plane”.

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It is worth mentioning that the singer Jorge Oñate died last year (2021) as a result of the consequences left by the COVID-19 disease. The artist was paid tribute in this version number 55 of the Festival of the Vallenato Legend that had the connotation King of Kings.