INTERVIEW Setha (Koh-Lanta 2022) eliminated by the ambassadors: “This outing was very difficult to take”

After more than three weeks of adventure, Setha was finally eliminated at the end of the council of ambassadors, this Tuesday, April 26. Sacrificed by Colin, her comrade of the yellows, the mother of the family will have long survived elimination thanks in particular to her imaginary necklace, which protected her throughout her adventure.

Setha, the discreet and clever mother, bowed out at the start of the episode of Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem, victim of ambassadors Colin and Louana. A real disappointment for the adventurer of the yellows, who fooled her comrades for several weeks by making them believe that she had a necklace that she never actually had. Disappointed but proud of the progress made in the Philippines, Setha spoke at length to Here

Here Setha, what an adventure! You have managed the feat of slipping through the cracks throughout your adventure and finally you come out at the end of the ambassadors. Is the disappointment greater than if you had been eliminated during a council?

Setha: I would have much preferred to go out during a council rather than at the ambassadors, where my fate was decided in the hands of one person. It’s very violent.

Let’s go back to the beginning of your adventure. You were more of an outsider in the purples, where you were in danger from the first tip. How did you feel in this team?

It was an endearing team. We complemented each other well, each had their strengths, their personality. We were really complementary and there was a good osmosis. I didn’t feel left out, even though I was more discreet than the others.

When it was necessary to designate one of you at the end of a test to join the greens, you had decided to volunteer. Why ? Did you feel too in danger among the purples?

I absolutely did not want to go to the greens. When we got together, Matteo said to me: ‘Setha, you have to give your necklace to the one who goes to the greens, so he won’t be in danger‘. That’s when I said to myself that I had to leave, otherwise I was going to be toast (laughs).

How did the Greens welcome you?

They welcomed me very well, the exchanges were very easy and they put me very at ease right away. But Franck’s departure, which coincided with my arrival, put a little chill in the team…

Like him, has it crossed your mind to give up the adventure?

It never crossed my mind but I was afraid it would cross my mind at some point. That’s why I didn’t talk at all about my children, my husband, my private life.

“My imaginary necklace? It crossed my mind several times to tell Nicolas.

How not to mention the imaginary necklace that followed you for several weeks! How do you explain that the purples and then the yellows believed so much in this necklace without ever having seen it?

I think it has to do with my personality. They said to themselves: ‘she’s a little mama, she seems sincere‘. According to Yannick, I give off the image of someone very honest and very upright. Yannick never questioned my word and I think that from the moment he trusted me, everyone else trusted me.

The worst part is that you never actually confirmed to your teammates that you had a necklace!

I have always been very vague about this necklace. When some tried to dig too deep, I changed the subject.

Did you at some point come close to revealing the deception to Yannick, for example, who you were close to?

No, not for a moment. I knew I shouldn’t tell Yannick because he was very close to Anne-Sophie. On the other hand, it crossed my mind several times to tell Nicolas, my ally in the adventure, but I had this fear that he would reveal my bluff out of clumsiness.

“If I had to sacrifice a member of my team, I would have chosen Anne-Sophie”

Let’s go back to the episode of the ambassadors. Were you surprised by the choice of the reds to send Colin?

Yes, but with a little hindsight, I told myself that they had done well because he is young, it was the adventure of his life. But I thought they were going to choose me because the ex-greens knew I was in the hot seat.

If you had been an ambassador for your team, would you have been ready to go all the way to the black ball?

I wouldn’t have liked to be an ambassador, it’s too difficult. But if I had gone there and told my teammates that I would go to the black ball, no matter what, I would have done it. If I had remained vague, I would have sacrificed a member of my team. And faced with Louana who held on until the end, I would have eliminated Anne-Sophie because she has always directed the votes towards me since the beginning of the adventure. It would have been a kind of revenge.

During your elimination, you seem both very disappointed and very upset against Colin, responsible for your departure…

I feel full of emotions at the same time because I really did not expect it. It was a massive blow, it was truly the adventure of my life and I was looking forward to the individual events. It was very difficult to cash in. Colin was so sure of himself that we were certain that Louana was going to let go.

Do you still want him today?

I haven’t spoken to him about it. If he hadn’t given his word, it would have been less violent. But then I had not seen it coming. I don’t blame him anymore, I moved on, but I’m still unsatisfied because I had a goal that I didn’t achieve. My journey is unfinished, it’s frustrating.

Colin said that you were a little behind on the camp, do you confirm his words?

I agree I’m low key, but eating by the beach doesn’t mean I’m laid back. It’s not a dictatorship, it’s not because everyone eats at the table that we are obliged to eat at the table. Olga would sometimes isolate herself in the hammock. We each had our moments when we wanted to isolate ourselves.

Do you have any regrets in your adventure?

I have no regrets. I would not change anything in my adventure even if I remain unsatisfied.

What did your daughters think of your career?

They are super proud of my journey but they thought I would go all the way (laughs).

Which adventurers have you kept in touch with?

With Céline, exit at the first council. But it’s very complicated to call or send messages because we have very involved lives.