INTERVIEW Stéphanie (Koh-Lanta 2022): “I knew I was going to be eliminated”

End of the adventure Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem, for Stephanie. If the dealer managed to escape elimination last week by shooting the white ball against Benjamin on the board, his fate was sealed tonight. Inevitably, the young woman keeps a rather bitter taste of her adventure, because she has been the victim of black balls three times. Disappointment, alliances, friendships and gamble, Stéphanie revealed everything about her adventure in Here

Here : The episode starts well for your team, since you win the comfort test. And there is a little bit of this moment of grace, where you all share a good meal at the table. Was the good atmosphere always present at your camp?

Stéphanie: That moment was particularly unifying. It’s true that food is one of the big topics in Koh Lanta. So inevitably, our first real meal for two weeks… It was something. So it’s true that it was a time when everyone was happy, good atmosphere, tensions had gone away. It was really a special moment. Overall it was going well, but there were still tensions. Always some against others.

Then comes the famous immunity test and you are still a victim of the black ball. You have this very strong sentence “I came to participate in Koh-Lanta, not to watch the events, otherwise I would have watched from my TV”. We feel that in fact, you were more a spectator than an actor in your adventure.

Oh but yes. Me, my adventure is in two parts. I didn’t play four events. Three because of the black balls and one because of the doctor. I stayed fifteen days in the adventure and I believe that in all I played half of the events. So suddenly, in the first half I played, I did things. And in the second half, I see them all welding together. And I see myself going towards the exit. So when I shoot that third black ball, I crack. Koh Lanta, to come and suffer survival and spend your days sitting watching them play, it has no interest. It’s horrible.

I imagine that frustration is all the greater with your elimination.

Clearly. It’s horrible. Especially since the last event I played, I was very, very good. But no one picked it up since my image was already made. Double trouble.

You were in danger at the previous council and managed to return to the adventure thanks to the draw. And there, you are eliminated by decision of your comrades. What is the best choice: leave on draw like Benjamin or leave because of the votes?

I understand that Benjamin preferred to be eliminated in the draw. He preferred it. Me no. I admit that I am still on the buttocks of having drawn the white ball (laughs). But I prefer my elimination. It can be more upsetting. But it is okay. In the sense that it’s going. I just didn’t have to arrive on Koh Lanta Saying I suck, it’s my fault. Behind that, actually it depressed me to have bad luck shooting the black balls. At the previous council, people called me the phoenix because I came back with the draw. But now, I was not eliminated by nine people out of nine. I was eliminated by people who gave some different opinions. There’s half of it that doesn’t affect me for a second. And these are not people with whom I had affinities. What I remember from my elimination is that people I liked, people I loved, they never voted for me. And that’s what matters.

You come up with that infamous plan to break up the rookie trio and eliminate Alexandra. In the end, it didn’t work, why do you think?

I still say today that my plan was very clever. I find that the three blues (Colin, Olga and Alexandra) are very strong, very powerful. They have low masses all day, they talk to each other. That’s why I was very surprised when it broke out against Yannick. It was really a strong trio and you can’t leave a trio in Koh Lanta. I don’t know if in the future they will apply my idea, but I can’t wait to find out.

Stéphanie, shocked by Olga’s comments against Yannick

Why didn’t you do like Setha and pretend you had an immunity collar?

I thought about it like everyone else. But on the one hand, pretending that we have an immunity collar, that means things. First, it means lying even to people I’ve promised never to lie to. For me, lying straight in the eye to my allies is something I won’t be able to do. Second, I said to myself that even if I was lying, in my head Setha really has a necklace at this moment. So I figured they were going to split the votes between Setha and me. I knew that anyway, I was going to be eliminated. So I preferred to leave being myself.

How did you react when you found out that Setha didn’t have an immunity collar at all?

I discovered it at the preview of episode 1 at TF1, with all the adventurers. I stood up and said ‘respect, but respect’. Setha was a bit transparent about the camp, so I kinda figured that girl isn’t strong. So when I see that she made us swallow this for months…

Do you think that Olga’s comments to Yannick may have precipitated her vote?

Oh yes, 100%. Because even if he had voted strategically against Alexandra, it wouldn’t have changed anything. But he hadn’t gone to the council thinking he was going to vote against Olga. To be talked about in front of everyone, like that… It’s still very strong when someone tells you ‘I’m afraid of you’ with tears in their eyes. These are very strong words. So inevitably Yannick was very touched, hurt and upset. It is a human reaction to vote against Olga.

Do you understand why Olga felt that against Yannick?

I don’t understand it in the sense that I don’t feel it. Yannick is someone who has never scared me. He is a kind, benevolent person, very involved in sport and in competition. He needed concentration before the test, after the test. He needed to debrief. He was 100% involved in the adventure, so for sure he was a personality. But I admit that I fell from the clouds.

Stéphanie no longer wants to hear about Nicolas

As a croupier and poker specialist, you were able to see clearly in the game of your opponents?

Some I saw it coming, some I didn’t. When it touches the human, it’s complicated. I think I’m a little naive with humans. I didn’t see that a Nico hated me when I adored him. I haven’t seen Setha’s necklace.

If you are offered to do a Koh-Lanta All Stars, do you go there immediately?

Yes. But we are not going to lie to each other, I am very aware that it will never happen. I am not one of the people who have this hope. But if I am offered to go back to the galley, three months ago I would have said no, now I say yes.

Why would you have said no three months ago?

When I did my Koh Lanta, I was tired. Exhausted. I was craving. I was in a psychological state… exhausted. I did fifteen days of adventure and not one or three. So I was knocked out. It was so hard, the weather conditions… When you’re there you think you’re a masochist, it’s not possible. And it’s true that when you come back and rest, eat well and get back to sleep… My first desire was to leave.

What are your relations with your former comrades today?

It depends (laughs)! Where I’m happy is that my feelings were pretty much the right ones. I am very close to Matteo. I’m still friends with those I liked, so Anne-So, Yannick, Samira of course. Those with whom I have had no affinity, I do not call them. And Nicolas, since I saw last Tuesday’s episode… I thought I’d see him again but now I won’t see him again. It’s certain.