Iran Castillo said that she almost did not give birth at home: she had complications at the last moment of the pregnancy | Famous

In 2011, Iran Castillo debuted in motherhood with the birth of her firstborn Irka. Ten years later, the actress of SOS I’m Falling in Love ventured to ask the stork for a baby again with her partner Pepe Ramos, with whom she has shared a relationship since the beginning of 2021.

Iran Castillo announced her second pregnancy in September 2021 and since then she has shown her interest in having a humanized birth at home. Her enthusiasm for giving birth in her home even made her take a course to be a ‘doula’, a woman who accompanies pregnant moms before, during and after childbirth.

Unfortunately, on the long-awaited day of her son’s birth, February 10, 2022, her longing to give birth at home is almost gone. We tell you.

Iran Castillo had complications in her home birth

During a talk on the “Netas divinas” program, the “Agujetas de color de rosa” actress was honest about the complications of childbirth that almost made her undergo a cesarean section, a surgery that she had long sought to avoid with her second child.

Castillo explained that, in addition to training as a doula, she was accompanied at home by her doctor, the gynecologist Itzel, a midwife, a friend, her partner Pepe and her daughter Irka.

All together they were in the sweet expectation of childbirth. However, as the time of labor progressed, the landscape became more stressful.

“I started having contractions, but many hours passed and the contractions were already strong and I hardly dilated.”

In addition to not dilating, her baby’s condition worried the doctor. Iran said that her son’s heart rate was not stable. Every time they put the Doppler on her tummy, a monitor that allows you to listen to the baby’s heart, her heartbeat was not constant: sometimes it sounded super fast and sometimes very slow.

“It generated a lot of stress in everyone and suddenly the doctor turned around and told me “Iran, you know what, I think that in a little while we have to go to the hospital. We’re going to have to do a C-section. We can’t be like this anymore.”

Iran Castillo commended himself to God during his home birth

Hearing these words caused absolute silence in Iran, who was immersed in a series of thoughts that only added to the stress. For a moment, the actress felt disappointed that after so much effort to have a humanized birth at home and talk about it on social networks, she was finally not going to be like that.

However, Castillo realized that this was not helping her, so she decided instead to focus on finding peace in God.

“I focused and said, ‘My God, great spirit, you know what’s best for me, I let go of control. If it has to be a caesarean section and I let him go’.

After this prayer, Iran watched as their loved ones began to pack their bags to go to the hospital. They were ready to leave when his body surprised everyone.

“I began to dilate very hard, but in an impressive way. And they put the Doppler on me, the frequency of my stable baby”

The change of scenery allowed the doctor to give the green light to carry out the birth at home and thus, after suffering an episode of stress and uncertainty, Iran Castillo was able to give birth at home.

After the birth of her baby, the actress has shared several captures of her journey as a mother at 45 years old, where she has shown the great joy and happiness that she lives with her children.