Ireen Sheer is in the hospital

Ireen Sheer had just announced the end of her career so that she could enjoy her life with her husband without work. But now the pop singer received a shock diagnosis.

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On Florian Silbereisen’s show in November, Ireen Sheer told viewers that she would end her career as a musician. After 60 years, 20 albums and more than 7,000 performances, the singer will turn her back on show business. “If it’s the most beautiful, then you should go too. That’s how I imagined it,” she said in “The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” in front of millions of people.

“A few days ago, Ireen’s eye suddenly swelled up”

Now the 72-year-old wants to dedicate herself to other things together with her husband, to whom she has been married for more than ten years, and to enjoy life without work. But just a few weeks after her appearance on the show, Ireen Sheer is in the hospital.

Klaus-Jürgen Kahl and Ireen Sheer: In 2010, the couple said yes.  (Source: imago images)Klaus-Jürgen Kahl and Ireen Sheer: In 2010, the couple said yes. (Source: imago images)

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, the doctors diagnosed her with a thrombosis behind the eye. “A few days ago, Ireen’s eye suddenly swelled,” her husband Klaus-Jürgen Kahl tells the newspaper. “She saw everything twice, got a bad headache, I drove her to the clinic.” There the singer was examined.

Doctors had initially suspected a stroke after an MRT examination the thrombosis was then diagnosed. “An attempt is now being made to dissolve the clot with blood thinners. If that doesn’t work, Ireen will have to have an operation,” Kahl continued.

Due to the corona pandemic, the pop singer currently has to go through the treatments alone. Her husband is not allowed to visit her in the hospital. The couple said yes in 2010.