Irina Baeva and the strange photo she published with Gabriel Soto before Christmas

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto they keep trying confirm that they are still together despite all the controversy that surrounds them.

And it is that for a few months Rumors began about their separation, something that has gained strength with the absence of their love publications on networks and they have no longer been seen together.

However, every time They ask them about the relationship, they assure that everything is fine and they are still together, only that each one is focused on their work projects, but that the wedding is still on.

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In these efforts to keep pretending they’re still together, Irina Baeva published a strange photo with Gabriel, for which they tell her not to be “ridiculous” anymore.

The strange photo that Irina Baeva published with Gabriel Soto to dispel the rumors of separation

Just before Christmas, andn December 23, Irina Baeva published a series of photos on her Instagram account with the text “days before christmas”.

The first photos are of the model posing with a maxi coat, and in the following ones you can see a Christmas tree, a luxurious meal, and then a photo of her with Gabriel Soto.

It is a photo she took of another photo, a polaroid, in which she appears with Gabriel, fixing his suit, probably for one of the many events they attended together.

The strange photo that Irina Baeva published with Gabriel Soto to dispel the rumors of separation

The photo was sticking out of a purse, and he took it while he was in his car, this with the intention of showing that they are still together and happy.

However, in networks they ask you to already “Stop being ridiculous”, and accept once and for all that you are no longer together.

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“Please already accept that they are not together, this is so embarrassing”, “she trying to pretend what she is no longer”, “poor woman, having to hide, stop making a fool of herself”, and “karma returns dear, You are already paying for everything you did ”, were some of the reactions in networks.

for his part Gabriel Soto has not published any Christmas photos, much less with Irina.