Irina Baeva in a photo with Gabriel Soto “his love is still standing”

After the strong controversies and rumors surrounding their relationship, the television actress has decided to share a more convincing proof, for which Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto appear from a yacht, thus demonstrating that their relationship remains standing.

For several weeks a strong controversy circulated in which many claimed that supposedly the relationship between the protagonist of “V1no love“and the Mexican actor would have come to an end.

However, Irina Baeva decided to end once and for all the controversy that revolves around her and the “soap opera heartthrob” who will cancel their wedding commitment after postponing the plans several times.

In the postcard that the actress of “passion and power” (2015) shared with his more than 3 million followers, the couple can be seen in a romantic setting captured on board a yacht with the sea in the background together with a beautiful sunset.

The one born in Moscow in 1992, wears a light yellow dress while modeling leaning on the legs of her lover, although the reactions have not been long in coming and some have pointed out that the famous 47-year-old does not show any loving gesture towards ” journalism student”, which has also aroused suspicion.

Apparently, the Mexican would try to win the heart of his colleague Sarah Corraleswith whom he shares credits in “my way is to love you” and for whom he supposedly lost interest in the famous 30-year-old, although the “Colombian” herself recently assured “not being interested in Geraldine Bazán’s ex-husband.”

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Irina Vitalievna Baeva has been constantly questioned about her “ex-fiancee” responding evasively and somewhat awkwardly, they pointed out in a past visit by the Russian to the Hoy program.


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