Irina Baeva shows off her peach with mini shorts from Paris

The actress is a fan of sharing beautiful outfits with all her followers, and obviously on her journey through Paris The photos with daring outfits could not be missing, so this time she showed off her peach with a mini pink Barbie shorts from Paris, she looks beautiful.

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Irina Baeva is one of the actresses most coveted and beautiful of the moment, which shared through social networks an outfit with which she raised sighs, this time it was a mini pink Barbie shorts with which she showed off her peach from Paris.

This garment was combined with a white top that revealed her mini waist. One of the details that undoubtedly raised this PhotographyIt was the bouquet of flowers that she is carrying in her arms, which also combined perfectly with her mini shorts.

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The obvious accessories could not be missing, so she wore several silver and pearl necklaces, as well as some rings on her right hand. His hair was worn loose and wavy, while his make-up it only included dark shadows and black eyeliner.

His followers immediately began to fill the section with many compliments and comments, all highlighting his beauty and his good taste in clothes. Through her stories, she shared how much fun she had walking through the streets of Paris, enjoying the beautiful weather and its architecture.

In other matters, one of the things that is causing a lot of controversy in the entertainment world is the wedding between Irina Baeva and Gabriel Sotosince despite the fact that they have said that it will be held this year, they have not yet revealed the date on which it will take place.

What the actor did clarify in a recent meeting with the press was the preparations that are being carried out so that the most important guests attend, such as his daughters and close relatives of Irina Baevawho travel from Russia, something that is being complicated by the situation in their country.

“We are waiting for Irina’s family to come from Russiathat’s the most important thing right now”, so far that’s all they’ve revealed about their engagement, but we’re already looking forward to seeing their wedding photos and everything that happens that night.

We will keep you abreast of any news that may appear on social networks in the coming days, especially details of your wedding, but also the outfits that you wear during your time in Paris, one of the cities most beautiful in the world worth living.

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