Iris Klein reacts to airport photos by Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke

Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke’s joint appearance at the airport fueled the affair rumors even more. Wife Iris Klein now seems to be checking off her marriage.

Iris and Peter Klein are deep in a marriage crisis – and the whole world can watch. The 55-year-old accuses her husband of cheating on her on the outskirts of the jungle camp with actress Yvonne Woelke. Both vehemently deny the allegations.

However, what does not improve the situation: Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke showed up side by side after their arrival at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday. He carried her suitcase at times, and they walked out of the arrivals hall together. An eyewitness finally filmed the two as they rode the elevator together. Through the glass panes you could see Woelke leaning towards Klein. Are they kissing at that moment? This question has been around ever since.

“Please be happy together”

Iris Klein also saw the pictures from the airport. She reacts to this on Facebook by sharing a snapshot of her husband with Yvonne Woelke and stating: “Please be happy together …” She also explains: “The finca is free for you.”

Peter Klein stated at the airport that he would not be flying to his wife, who is currently in Worms, but to Mallorca. However, son-in-law Lucas Cordalis plans to bring the couple to a table: “I think that we might do a kind of crisis meeting. Or the two of them talk about it properly and that you might find a solution,” he said to RTL .