Iris Klein would like to take part in Let’s Dance

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Of: Felix Durach

Iris Klein would like to take part in Let’s Dance
Will Iris Klein fans see the reality TV star soon in the upcoming season of “Let’s Dance”? © Iris Klein/Instagram

Iris Klein is looking for a new challenge on TV. The 55-year-old would like to take part in “Lets Dance” in the future. She announced this on Instagram.

Palma – Iris Klein’s journey in “Battle of the Reality Stars” ended just before the finale when Daniela Katzenberger’s mother had to give up in episode nine. Even if the last TV adventure of the 55-year-old has just come to an end, the fans of the power woman already want to know when Iris Klein will be on TV again. “In which format would you like to participate?” Is the question of a follower who shares Klein in her Instagram story.

Next step for Iris Klein: Katzenberger-Mama turns away from trash TV

The 55-year-old’s answer is very clear with regard to formats such as “Battle of the Reality Stars”. “Unfortunately, I’m too honest for trash formats and not sneaky enough to take part again,” explains the TV celebrity on Instagram. “I don’t think I will do anything like that again,” says Iris Klein’s outlook.

“Let’s Dance” or “Big Baking”? Iris Klein speaks to her fans about her TV plans for the future. © Screenshot/Iris Klein/Instagram

But which formats would the Katzenbeger mom still be interested in after this trash rejection? Iris Klein also has a clear answer to this question: “Preferably cooking and baking shows, because that suits me very much,” explains the 55-year-old. But she would also find hotel test programs interesting.

Iris Klein wants to “Let’s Dance”: “I can actually dance well too”

When asked by a fan whether she could be enthusiastic about shows like “The Big Bake” or “Let’s Dance”, the TV star then revealed a little secret. “Yes, I would like to do that and I can actually dance well,” said the 55-year-old. “I used to be a dance teacher and in the carnival guard,” reveals Iris Klein.

With this previous experience, Iris Klein would actually be the perfect candidate for the next season of “Let’s Dance”. “The only question is, which dance teacher will voluntarily do the lifting figures with me?” the TV star jokes, however, with a view to a possible engagement in the dance show. The 55-year-old had already danced freestyle with Elena Miras in “Battle of the Reality Stars” – probably before there was a dispute between Iris Klein and Elena Miras. Sources used: