Iris Mittenaere: About to undress in an elevator, this buzz video!

Iris Mittenaere has always known how to impose herself as a femme fatale. It is indeed with great pleasure that she tickles the curiosity of her fans each time. Exit in this video the classic swimsuits and bikinis that had made its reputation. The former Miss France is now betting on chic and what better than this absolutely magnificent outfit to create the enthusiasm of its subscribers? Dressed in an ultra-short dress and an ultra-stylish black jacket, this time she brought the water to a boil. The young woman even added a layer of it by pretending to undress in the elevator.

A video that quickly went around the world

It didn’t take long before reactions were pouring in from all over the social network. The former Miss France was able to count on her fans to send her a ton of compliments that she is not ready to forget. Words so deep you’d think they were created just for her. Internet users had in any case not failed to notice her ultra-thin legs that never ended. A real torture for lovers of this beauty queen.

Iris Mittenaère currently lives in perfect happiness with Diego El Glaoui. The two lovebirds who do not miss a single opportunity to show their complicity on social networks. Everything is also going well from a professional point of view. Like what, the former miss France has absolutely nothing to complain about.