Iris Mittenaere and her darling Diego set themselves a challenge for 2023: find out which one!

In an interview with “La Voix du Nord”, Iris Mittenaere reveals one of her biggest resolutions for the year 2023. Will Miss France and Miss Universe 2016 be able to keep it? She should in any case be able to count on her fiancé, Diego El Glaoui, who is committed with her in this challenge.

On the occasion of his return to TF1 for the new season of ninja warriorthe former Miss France Iris Mittenaere gave an interview to The voice of the North. After explaining what her role will be in this game, the beauty queen spoke about her relationship with social networks, which she often uses as a diary. For 2023, she and her future husband, Diego El Glaoui, have made a good resolution on this subject. Will they really be able to hold it?

A more private life for Iris Mittenaere

I like to share a lot of things from my private life on social networks, explains Iris Mittenaere to the Hauts de France newspaper. His Instagram page, followed by more than three million people, is full of selfies in Dubai, Paris or elsewhere in the world, photos of his couple and confidences of all kinds.

Recently, the one who also won the crown of Miss Universe had for example published a video in which she explained to her fans to feel depressed. “I don’t want to lie to you. It hasn’t been going well for a few days”she launched facing the camera, lying on her sofa. When I’m depressed or sick, I also show it because I find it importantshe insists to the Voice of the North.

Iris Mittenaere and Instagram: the harassment behind the beautiful photos

However, revealing yourself so much on social networks does not only have advantages. Witness Iris Mittenaere, who says she is regularly harassed. “I measure the incredible chance to have this platform which allows me to express myself on lots of subjects, but Of course, there are more difficult times, when you can be harassed, receive complicated private messages… It’s not always easy, you have to keep things in mindtell the Miss France 2016.

Iris and Diego’s good resolution: a real challenge for 2023

In an attempt to maintain a healthy balance between the virtual and the real Iris Mittenaere, who will celebrate her 30th birthday on January 25, is striving with her other half to maintain a “Secret garden”, “where we force ourselves to put down our cellphones to have a little Netflix party”. However, the couple wishes to push the efforts further, formulating a new resolution for the coming year: We said to ourselves that in 2023, we were going to try to have a week without photos or videos. I don’t know if we’ll get there!reports the influencer with a laugh at the Voice of the North.

Dropping out on the honeymoon? Unthinkable!

If the honeymoon of Iris and Diego, who said they were engaged last August in Italy, seems to be the right moment, the ex-Miss, who now lives in Dubai, does not see it that way: “We’ll never get there! We’ll want to take pictures too much, with the excuse that it’s to show our children later!, she exclaims.