Iris Mittenaere engaged: the ex-Miss Universe confides in her future marriage with Diego El Glaoui

A few months from passing the ring to the right of Diego El Glaoui, the former Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere details the organization of her wedding. We tell you that!

In August 2022, Diego El Glaoui made his statement to Iris Mittenaere, three years after getting married. The former beauty queen will officially say “I do” to her fiancé in a few months. “It was on the shores of Lake Como that we thought it would be for life, says the young woman on her Instagram account as she reveals the ring offered by her lover. Iris Mittenaere has definite ideas for the ceremony. “I’m not ready to entrust the organization of the most beautiful day of my life to just anyoneexplains the former Miss Universe. So, finding THE right person for you is almost like finding your husband. I’m at the very beginning of the organization, we already know where we want to get married for a very long time… And for the date, it’s taking shape quite concretely. I was told to start with: guest list, date, venue, caterer.

Iris Mittenaère has even already booked the location of her wedding ceremony. “I will share some aspects but I want tonight a huge surprise for my guests, while I will remain discreet on certain points until the big day”, she announced to her community last October. However, there is no question of putting pressure on yourself. The fiancée of Diego El Glaoui intends to approach the most beautiful day of her life with the greatest serenity. “I’m as classic as I am wacky so I think that’s going to carry over into my marriage. I’m going to have a nice ceremony which will obviously be moving, but I have two or three little ideas for the evening that may be surprising“, she confided in an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Leisure. And for the wedding dress? “There will be several… I don’t know any more specific ideas yet.”

The good resolution of Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui for 2023

Who says new year, says good resolution. A few hours away from celebrating its thirtieth birthday, Iris Mittenaère announcement within to The voice of the North want to “try to make a week without photos or videos. What if the two lovebirds started this diet during their honeymoon? The ex-Miss Universe knows that she will end up cracking up: “We will never get there! We will really want to take pictures, with the excuse that it is to show our children later. The couple is already trying to cultivate their secret garden. “We force ourselves to let go of the laptops to have a little Netflix party,” explains Iris Mittenaere. Telling his private life on social networks is not always easy. The fiancée of Diego El Glaoui confides to have known “more difficult times, where you can be harassed, receive complicated private messages. Will she be able to keep her promise? See you at the end of the year!