Iris Mittenaere: “I have forged links with the companions of certain heroes of the game”, the co-presenter of Ninja Warrior confides

Through Marie Hervichon

– Modified Jan 29, 2023 at 11:48 am

As a former Miss France, Iris Mittenaere is by nature close to the French, but also, more surprisingly, ninjas!

What a fine career that of Iris Mittenaere! Indeed, our former Miss Universe seems at the top of the world both professionally and in love. And for good reason, the young woman got engaged this summer to his darling Diego El Glaoui. Recently, she confided in Télé-Loisirs about her upcoming marriage: “I’m as classic as I’m goofy (laughs) so I think that’s going to show up in my marriage. I’m going to do a nice ceremony which will obviously be moving, but I have two or three little ideas for the evening which may be surprising.. Definitely, our Iris is on her little cloud. Moreover, it is better not to be dizzy when, like her, we attend the performances of the acrobats of Ninja Warrior. Lately, the beauty queen opened up about the special bond that bound her to the families of these daredevils.

Iris chats with the families

For the fourth consecutive season, Lille took on the costume of co-host of the TF1 show. “We have become a big family that brings together Denis Brogniart, Christophe Beaugrand, the production as well as the candidates and their families. I love both presenting and watching this show. It was obvious for me to leave for another year: we are having a great time”she told Télé-Loisirs.

In an interview with Télé 7 Jours published this Saturday, January 28, the former Miss France opened up about the relationships she has with certain ninja companions! “Yes, and this edition is really about twists, thanks to the Memory Tower, which redistributes the cards. By forcing candidates to memorize a course that contains pitfalls, it adds a mental dimension and stress. I especially like my role as a family guide. I have also forged links with the companions of certain heroes of the game, with whom I sometimes chat on Instagram »she explained.