Iris Mittenaere soon mom? The ex-Miss Universe responds directly to a user

Thursday December 29, 2022, Iris Mittenaere answered questions from her subscribers, in story, on Instagram. A few months before her marriage to Diego El Gloui, the ex-Miss Universe spoke of her desire for motherhood.

A slightly inappropriate question? Thursday, December 29, 2022, Iris Mittenaere took advantage of her free time to answer questions from her subscribers, on Instagram. If many fans asked him about his upcoming marriage to Diego El Glaoui, a user asked him if a child was planned after their union. Embarrassed, it was then that she was often the target of rumors about a supposed pregnancy that the ex-Miss Universe said: “I know that’s not mean of you, but I prefer that we avoid this question, which is extremely oppressive for me. If one day it’s on the program, I’ll let you know.

In March 2022, a user had already asked a similar question to the young woman. “Hello, beginning of pregnancy? You’re gorgeous, but I don’t recognize your belly…“, was it written. Then, Iris Mittenaere had replied: “Still not, but anyway, you really think that if it’s an early pregnancy, and nobody knows, I’m going to answer you: ‘Yes it’s true’. Just tight dress, nobody has a super flat stomach, we have organs, and at the end of the day, it’s normal.“While this question comes up often, it was on Instagram that she had already declared on Saturday October 2, 2021:”3 times a year, I am told that I am pregnant… This summer, many people believed in it. I even had the right to ‘All my congratulations’ in some places where I went… I don’t quite know how to take it.

Iris Mittenaere: “Becoming a mother is my priority”

Saturday February 13, 2021, it was then that she was asked if she had a round belly that Diego El Glaoui’s fiancée replied: “No, I just didn’t bring it in. I often have a swollen stomach, and it swells me to bring it in.“Asked about her desire for motherhood in August 2020, she had already confided on Instagram:”This question comes up often… Yes, I would love to, if life grants it to me in a few years (…) I am lucky to have an incredible nephew and niece whom I love more than anything and with whom we left for a week this summer and whom I see again in a week.” In August 2018, for Télé 7 Jours, she had already confided: “I aspire to succeed in my professional life, but becoming a mother is my priority. I will not hesitate to put my career on hold to make babies. Three would be nice!