Iris Mittenaere, soon to be a mother? His cash response

By Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 30 Dec 2022 at 09:30

Asked about her desires to become a mother, Iris Mittenaere decided to make an important update.

There are questions that put Iris Mittenaère somewhat angry. Miss France 2016, who was asked to marry by her darling Diego El Glaoui, wanted to make a small important point. As she lends herself to a question and answer game with her subscribers, the young woman receives a question about her maternity plans. But Miss Universe 2016 is tired of being asked this question all the time. And she did not hesitate to say it! “I know it’s not mean of you, but I prefer that we avoid this question, which is extremely oppressive to me”she confided.

Iris Mittenaere steps up to the plate

Iris Mittenaere wants to focus on her marriage and her professional career. “If one day it’s on the program, I’ll let you know”, then completed the former beauty queen. That is quite clear. And this is not the first time that the young woman has settled accounts with Internet users who are a little too curious or very critical. Indeed, while she was revealing some of her photos, a user sent her this comment in a private message: “ More and more thin, less and less forces ». Tired of receiving this kind of message, Iris Mittenaere stepped up to the plate : You have a real problem. Already, with each passing of jersey there is a commentary. Either I gained weight or I lost it. Big news: who cares? Another big news: this is my body. So how it evolves is all about me. And believe me, it has not finished evolving“.

Very angry, Iris Mittenaere literally let go : “ Save your saliva, and you won’t wake up the old demons of my adolescence with your comments. I have suffered for too long from being the skeleton on duty.she said. Learn to be gentle with yourself and with others. Miss France 2016 then spoke of her childhood injuries: “ Eating healthy does not mean wanting to lose weight but wanting to be healthy. Like playing sports and having a healthy lifestyle. By sending this kind of message, on the contrary, you create complexes in people. Too skinny ? If you knew me, you would know that my ‘thinness’ was a complex throughout my childhood. During medical visits at school, they wrote ‘too thin’ in my notebook. I was insulted in the courtyard, so no. I do not advocate thinness and I do not confuse everything, replied the one who was elected Miss France in 2016. I have long had a very poor lifestyle wanting to gain weight, because I was complexed.