Iris Mittenaere sublime in a little dress … breathtaking

Being elected Miss France in 2015 had allowed Iris Mittenaere to realize many of her dreams. The young woman had indeed seen many doors open in front of her. Which had propelled his professional career to the heights. She was then able to travel to many countries including Greece, which she particularly likes. Many photos taken in the Acropolis and posted on her Instagram account attesting to this interest she has in the city of Zeus. Particularly irresistible thanks to her unique charisma, the one who had also worn the crown of Miss Universe has therefore this time put forward her pronounced taste for fashion.

A perfect dress for a perfect woman

Each dress that Iris Mittenaere wears through her photos seems to have been specially created for her, her physique is so perfect. His fans had not failed to point it out to him through the various comments posted on his publication. This is further proof of all the notoriety that this former beauty queen has at the level of her community. The latter that she delights each time as it should with breathtaking unpublished photos.

This summer of 2022 promises to be particularly hot for Iris Mittenaere. The young woman appears without hesitation in ultra-sexy poses that highlight her advantageous physique. We can only remain speechless in front of the bewildering number of likes that she manages to collect each time. Like what, her beauty will never be equal so she is unique.