Iris Mittenaere: The former Miss Universe brings comfort to those who suffer during the holidays

By Marie Hervichon

– Published on Dec 25, 2022 at 11:45 am

Iris Mittenaere is always there for her community, especially during the holiday season.

This year is the first Christmas that Iris Mittenaere and her darling Diego El Glaoui spend an engagement ring on your finger. Indeed, the entrepreneur asked for the hand of our former Miss France last August on the shores of Lake Como. A little earlier this year, the Lille woman recounted her meeting with the man of her life. “I was looking for an agency to represent me and I chose We Are Influence. Talking to each other, we quickly realized that it was obvious… It will be three years this summer. We are often asked how we met, what we felt and I had never told you about it before… The first time I really saw him was at the Paradis Latin. Time has stopped, the sensations have multiplied in me. His look, his smell, everything told me that he was made for me”she said on her social networks.

Iris listens to you

Unfortunately, life being like this, Christmas celebrations are not synonymous with joy for everyone. In order to restore balm to the heart of those who need it, our former beauty queen had the idea of ​​sharing beautiful stories. In her Instagram Story on Saturday, December 24, she wrote: “I know that the holidays are not positive for everyone. So I would like to bring you some warmth here… Tell me about your greatest pride, your prettiest moment of 2022”. A great initiative from the young woman we salute!

© Instagram / @irismittenaeremf

© Instagram / @irismittenaeremf

Iris subsequently received beautiful testimonials. To a couple who had successfully completed a PMA course and welcomed a little girl, she replied: “Let’s toast to that!” A great victory and a little baby loved more than anything in the world. If you are in the middle of a PMA course, I send you the best vibes… 2023 will be your year, you have to believe it. If they can, why not you? »