Irma Miranda fills with glamor in a ball gown with puffed sleeves

the Sonoran Irma Miranda, Universal Mexican 2022, is getting closer to the Miss Universe crown and the contest is months away from being held. With a lot of charm and preparing to represent the country in front of the world, she splurge style with a glamorous formal dress that presumes us in social networks.

A design of flower fieldsthis outfit in burnt red, very elegant and sophisticated, it is a combination of the modern and the classic that stands out precisely because of the balance of ideas that we find in it.

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Nail puffed sleeves very marked, which are fashionable again, in addition to a cut out detail on the torso, flirtatious and feminine without showing too much, but adapting to the most chic style of the moment, we also notice a very long and dramatic tail, but that gives all the glamor in the world.

It would be in this case, a design of mullet dress, which is what they call those in which the back is longer than the front. In this case, the fall of the dress is classic, but then we add this tail or ‘second skirt’, that makes Irma Miranda really look like a fairy tale queen.

The cut reminds us a lot of those classic dresses of the princess stories, but adding here a lot of attitude and demeanor; fabulous. “I put on my armor. I show you how strong I am ”, she shares in her publication, thus reflecting, in effect, on how this dress is also very empowering.

They say that people also express themselves through clothing and that in it, we find a force that reflects our essence and personality. Irma Miranda looks majestic, sure of herself, full of strengthtying with her attitude and also with the presence of the dress.

He also illuminates the scene by wearing his crown and carries the loose hair with waves, very fresh, brilliant earrings and makeup in pink tones, with blush in a salmon tone that illuminates her face, pink lips and eye shadow that frame her gaze.

Her followers tell her that she looks very beautiful, that she is radiant and that red ‘is his color’. Without a doubt, it is a very beautiful dress and it fits her perfectly, making it clear that she is a great beauty queen giving her all during her reign, which is applauded and appreciated.

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