Irving Alberti conquers the public with his show in Fine Arts

The multifaceted Irving Alberti presented himself to a full house in the Máximo Avilés Blonda room of the Palacio de Bellas Artes, with a comedy show called “El Show de Irving Alberti”, where he presented several guests while conquering hearts and tastes. of the public.

Dressed completely in black, the comedian took the stage accompanied by a band of four musicians led by Samuel Mejía, who knew how to harmonize with the artist at all times, and even more so during the display of his talents as a singer.

It is precisely in this line that Irving got outstanding marks when he showed off his background by managing to perform several songs by Anthony Rios in a balance that could very well attract the attention of the public due to how well his execution was.

In this context, the artist invited the singer Diana Ramos, a young actress who made him a duet in the performances that they knew how to execute during the night in a comedy show that served to display all of Alberti’s artistic baggage.

Without a doubt, during the show the artist’s more than twenty years of validity prevailed and weighed, since his scenic mastery, his harmony with the public and his great ability to maintain the expectation of the public at all times were evident.

Seeing Irving on stage, it was possible to understand why he has been able to transcend with high efficiency on television as a presenter, as well as in the cinema and theater as a comedian and actor, which makes him one of the most complete artists today.

There was no shortage of stories, jokes and his emblematic character of Darisho, with whom he was accompanied by a double, La Gucci, who personified him so efficiently that at the moment it was not known who Irving was and what his alter ego was.

It should be noted that the tickets for this show were sold in record time, because the artist during his monologues on stage took advantage whenever he could, to thank the support given by the public who spared no effort to buy their tickets and live the experience. from The Irving Alberti Show.