is equal to Silvia Derbez – New Woman

Like many celebrities, the Mexican actress Aislinn Derbez decided to share with his millions of followers on social networks some glimpses of your christmas celebration this 2022.

However, neither she nor her famous dad, Eugenio Derbezthey stole the attention in the photos, but her younger sister, Aitanawho made an impact with her great resemblance to her grandmother, the actress Silvia Derbez.

Aitana Derbez reappears and surprises with how much she looks like Silvia Derbez

Through her profile on Instagram, the protagonist of to the bad published this December 24 and 25 a series of images of christmas holidays that he celebrated with part of his paternal family.

In the photos, it was appreciated that the Derbez they passed a Christmas full of games and gifts where the great protagonist was Aitanawho had a season without appearing in the networks of his relatives.

The under 8-year-old surprised first with how much he has grown Y her likeness to her deceased paternal grandmother on a postcard of the family posing in identical pajamas by their tree.

So grateful to have them in my life.”wrote the actress the house of flowers next to the photos in which his father also appears, his daughter kailani, alessandra rosaldo and the dog Fiona.

The little girl also appeared in a black and white portrait with her sister and niece Kai, with whom he is in other snapshots opening the presents under the Christmas pine tree and playing.

I love being with these little people”expressed in this publication in which Rosaldo’s mother, Gaby Barrero, who apparently joined her Christmas celebration, is also portrayed.

As expected, the post caused a stir among the clan’s millions of fans, who immediately They noted how big Aislinn’s little sister is and her similarity to Silvia Derbez.

“Your sister is similar to her grandmother, the great actress Silvia Derbez”, GMO. Aitana identical to Silvia Derbez”“Ais and Aitana look a lot like Mrs. Silvia Derbez” and “How big is your little sister” were some comments.

Notably rosaldo also shared some postcards of the Christmas what happened to his family in which, again, his daughter got the spotlight with his growth and his resemblance to his grandmother on the father’s side.