Is Humberto Elizondo the son of Jorge Negrete? The actor responded to this myth | Famous

Humberto ElizondoSon of the actress Fanny Kaufman ‘Vitola’faced the rumor that indicates that it could be unrecognized son of Jorge Negretean icon of the Golden Age of cinema in Mexico.

In an interview with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante for the program ‘The minute that changed my destiny’, the 74-year-old actor revealed that before the death of his mother they talked about the speculations that ‘El Charro Cantor’ was his father .

“My mom said no. Now, if my mom had the good taste … to carry it out, who am I to criticize her,” said the film and television actor.

The well-known villain of telenovelas such as ‘Cuna de lobos’, ‘The poor relatives’ and ‘I will never forget you’ pointed out that he is an “urban legend”, which he understands because of the physical similarities he had with Jorge Negrete. In addition, he mentioned that the relatives of the renowned actor loved him as a son.

“When I was 42, I was physically quite similar to him. Even his sisters adopted me as a putative son,” he said.

Humberto Elizondo acknowledges that his father was the diplomat Humberto Elizondo Alardine and affirmed that he does look like him, but he does not deny that his resemblance is closer to Jorge Negrete.

“I know my father, I know where he is buried. I have no doubts about my paternity. My father did (it seemed to me), more so to Negrete, but to my father too. My mother had a good sense, even that… She is a legend urban,” he added.

Although he claimed not to be the son of the protagonist of films such as ‘Two types of care’ and ‘The three cheerful compadres’, Humberto Elizondo expressed his admiration for him.

“For me he is an icon, an example, a man who at the most important moment of his career left everything for his colleagues and dedicated himself only to ANDA… He was in Spain, he had already done it and suddenly ANDA It started to get bad, he left everything in Spain and came back. That was Jorge Negrete,” he said.

Regarding the accusations against his mother, who lived as an actress and comedian for decades in Mexico, about the alleged relationship he had with Jorge Negrete, he said that it does not bother him, because it is more the affection he has received from the public before and after passed away in 2009.