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Buckingham Palace published a job call for the security position in 2021. The employee would have to be in charge of keeping the royal family safe for a salary that was questioned by public opinion.

The salary for the position offered by the Palace is 25,000 pounds sterling a year, which is equivalent to just over 31,000 dollars. The worker will be required to supervise investigative duties at the Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and Balmoral, for which experience and a university degree are required.

However, the population of the United Kingdom did not take the announcement very well, since they consider the salary very low because, in addition, the person will have to pay taxes and national insurance, according to the Mirror.

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This is the salary of different workers of Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II and her family are horse lovers. The monarch with one of the longest reigns in history has an extensive collection and in 2019 she sought out a stable helper to look after her animals in the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.

The position had the responsibilities of exercising and training the horses, preparing them for ceremonial performances, and cleaning their stables. All that for a salary of £22,400 a year ($28,200) and residence in the palace.


The royal family has a strict diet adapted to their tastes and lifestyles. Above all, in the case of the Queen, who due to her age has restricted certain types of food.

In 2020, they were looking for an experienced chef for the palace and royal tours, then offering a salary of £22,000 a year, equivalent to $27,700. They included a luxury room in the palace and food.


In 2017, the royals requested a butler for Buckingham. The advertisement stipulated a salary of 18,850 pounds sterling ($23,700) and the employee could choose to live in the palace for a lower salary. The charge included all meals.

Information Technology Expert

The Palace was looking for an Information Technology expert to take care of the royal archives and information systems of the monarchy. The salary they offered was between 60,000 to 65,000 pounds sterling a year (65,600 to 81,900 dollars).

royal fortune

Although there is no certainty about the wealth and monthly income, the media estimates the fortune of the members of the royal family based on available information.

The main source of income for the British monarchy is the “sovereign grant” (Sovereign Grant, in English), an annual payment made by the government to finance the official obligations of royalty.

Forbes estimated in 2019 that Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth is $500 million. Although the 95-year-old is surrounded by luxury and privilege, she is not even close to one of the richest people in the world or in the United Kingdom, explains the economic medium.

Critics of the monarchy claim, on the one hand, that for the large amount of money that royalty has, they do not pay a good salary, taking into account that the monarchy implies a very large expense to the British nation for “unnecessary luxuries”. (YO)

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