Is King Charles planning a disclosure interview?

After Prince Harry had the royal house under constant fire lately, King Charles now wants to counterattack in an interview.

Specifically, it should be about an interview that palace employees are planning with the BBC. There should already be talks about this. The interview is set to portray the life of King Charles and his ambitions with the crown.

The interview is to be conducted by veteran moderator Jonathan Dimbleby. He is said to be a longtime friend of Charles. He also interviewed Charles in 1994 after Princess Diana died. For the palace staff, the question arises as to whether an interview with the BBC is the right way to go public. Because Prince Harry would also be a big topic in the interview.

So far, Charles had remained staunchly silent about Prince Harry’s allegations. In an interview with the BBC, however, he would not be able to avoid this unpleasant topic. “Plans for BBC coverage of the coronation, including the profile of the monarch, are already well underway. It’s not common to avoid topics in interviews, it complicates things,” a source said.

Even a small, incorrect, comment about Harry and Meghan would make headlines around the world, the insider continued. “Everything is very delicate”.