Is Lucas Cordalis fake in the jungle camp? Candidates accuse him of playing the wrong game

On day 14 in the jungle camp, the hardships and hardships of the trash show seem to take their toll on the candidates. The tone among themselves becomes rougher, even the facade of the permanent beam man Lucas Cordalis begins to crumble. The jungle test is the last straw and Daniela Katzenberger’s husband becomes a target for some fellow campers.

Lucas Cordalis cannot convince in the disgusting jungle test

Together with Gigi Birofio and Papis Loveday, Lucas Cordalis has to compete with Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen for “Unhappy Hour”. “The three musketeers are back at the start,” jokes the 55-year-old, but his laughter quickly fades. The three jungle campers have to face an eating and drinking test. And like “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” usual, culinary delicacies are not necessarily served.

In the end, the celebrities can be happy about five stars out of a possible seven stars – or annoyed. Lucas Cordalis couldn’t choke down two dishes, which is why the group lost two stars. Papis Loveday and Gigi Birofio quickly leave the scene of horror, leaving their comrade behind. In the camp, this causes a lot of stink, the situation threatens to tip over.

The two moderators Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen are very moved after Jolina Mennen reveals the dedication of her hard-earned stars.

Sonja Zietlow cries for “Dickie” Dirk Bach: tears appear in the jungle camp


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Claudia Effenberg is at the limit.  The designer sits sadly in the jungle telephone.

After the Bolognese gate and lies in the jungle camp: Claudia Effenberg is counted


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Papis Loveday is annoyed with Lucas Cordalis: “He’s fake”

“Five stars, but teamwork really underground. Running ahead for a cigarette and leaving me there alone like a fool,” mobbed the Katzenberger husband. But his fellow sufferers from the exam don’t want to put up with that. “Lucas, don’t fuck me! Better tell all the things first,” Gigi fires back. Papis Loveday adds: “Don’t make sacrifices here. Tell the story as it was, then we’ll see your true face. You’re the wrong man, that’s enough.” Lucas Cordalis admits he failed the disgust test. But is there more to the dispute?

In a one-on-one interview with Jolina Mennen, the Munich model daddies. “Gigi said after the exam that we could have gotten seven stars, but Lucas couldn’t swallow. Lucas then said that we didn’t portray him well. He could also say a thousand things about us. Then I said: ‘Lucas ‘What’s the matter with you? What are you accusing us of?’ Super cool in front of the camera, so behind the camera.” Was there actually a discussion and allegations behind the scenes that the viewer didn’t notice? “It was all played, he’s fake, sorry, I don’t need it! And then he denied in front of the camera that he said that sentence.”

Lucas Cordalis does not seem to be in good shape with the jungle campers shortly before the final. The scandal will definitely have an aftermath – at the latest when we meet again after the show.

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