Is RBD preparing a new album? Christian Chávez assures that there will be surprises | i am a rebel tour 2023 | anahi | sweet mary | Music

Members of RBD They met publicly at the 2023 TikTok Awards and announced that they will release new music.

Just a few months before starting his tour “I am a rebel tour 2023”, RBD remains trending on social media. Recently, it made headlines after its members Dulce María, Christian Chávez, and Christopher Von Uckermann got together to attend the TikTok Awards. They did not hesitate to comment on what is coming for the group despite the fact that on more than one occasion they have said that they do not return as such, but that it is the farewell for all the fans.

“You can expect history, fashion, but above all meeting everyone again. We have noticed that a lot of fans are new,” Christopher said.

  RBD at the TikTok Awards 2023. Photo: Brand

RBD at the TikTok Awards 2023. Photo: Brand

Will RBD release new music?

During their time on the red carpet of the award ceremony, the singers Christopher Von Uckerman and Christian Chávez referred to the new songs that they are preparing to include in the concert tour that they will carry out this year in three different countries.

“We have many surprises. We already want to be on stage. New music will come, but soon they will have news. We still do not have the single chosen, but we are happy to be able to give you new songs”, revealed Christian Chávez.

Is Peru included in the RBD tour?

RBD announced their long-awaited international tour; However, many fans were disappointed after not having included more South American countries, with the exception of Brazil. The band has more than 15 dates to visit cities in the United States and Mexico, although it has not included countries like Peru.