Is the sexism scandal destroying his career? Concerts with DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen canceled

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From: Claire Weiss


At DSDS, Dieter Bohlen has caused an uproar in the past few days with a sexist saying. Now two of his concerts have been canceled. Is there a connection?

Cologne – At DSDS, reality starlet Jill Lange (22) hoped for the big breakthrough. But her singing was of little interest to pop titan Dieter Bohlen (68). Instead, Jill’s career bothered him. The 22-year-old is already known from dating formats. She dated several men on TV and finally met her boyfriend Lars.

Two concerts by DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen canceled

For Dieter Bohlen, however, this seems to be an absolute no-go. He dismisses reality shows as “junk” that he doesn’t watch. He provocatively asks Jill: “Have you done anything normal? Or did you just graduate and then get noodled up?” The episode caused an uproar online – and that before it was even broadcast on TV – it was previously available online on RTL+. The broadcaster initially defended itself and blamed Jill Lange. In the end, however, the scene was cut from the TV episode. On Wednesday evening, the conflict was no longer noticeable.

Is the sexism scandal destroying his career?  Concerts with DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen canceled
Jill cried herself out on Instagram after the incident. © Imago & Instagram/Jill Lange

Dieter Bohlen now seems to be feeling the consequences of his actions. On January 23, two of his tour dates were canceled. Actually, it should be “the greatest comeback of all time”. Now both the concert in Zurich and the one in Vienna have been canceled by the organizer. Is there a connection between the canceled dates and the sexism scandal? Even politicians, actresses and other famous German women had shown the pop titan the red card online.

Contempt for women by Dieter Bohlen

– “You are a pretty girl, you can also do something else.”

– “A little yes from the big Dieter, a big yes from the little Dieter.”

– “You have a divine problem: God gives some women big boobs, others a bad voice. And he just gave you a bad voice.”

“Everything I touch turns to gold. I touched Verona for three weeks and that was enough.”


The organizer explains canceled Dieter Bohlen appointments

The official explanation of the organizer is: “for production reasons”. Numerous fans who had already bought tickets are now complaining directly to Dieter Bohlen on Instagram. And he even answers. “I just can’t do it at the moment,” writes the 68-year-old, or “I had to cancel Zurich and Vienna because unfortunately I have to go there”. He couldn’t foresee what else was to be done this year…

By the way, Dieter Bohlen’s sexist attitude was well received online. He was celebrated by his fans for his “honesty”. Sources used: RTL+/DSDS,, Instagram/Dieter Bohlen,