Is the show about to end?

This year “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” appeared with a completely new jury consisting of Florian Silbereisen, 40, Ilse DeLange, 44, and Toby Gad, 53. But does DSDS work without Dieter Bohlen, 68? Even if there are some positive voices, the ratings keep falling. Could the show even be about to end?

DSDS: New jury does not convince all viewers

For the first time “Germany is looking for the superstar” started a season without Dieter Bohlen. The broadcaster RTL wanted to completely turn the casting format upside down in order to reach new target groups. This year, Florian Silbereisen, Ilse DeLange and Toby Gad are sitting on the jury chairs and they form a seemingly unbeatable team. After the first episode of the new season aired, one could read various positive comments on Twitter about the restructuring of the show:

I don’t miss Dieter Bohlen at all I have to admit.

Another user also proves with his comment that the new concept of DSDS seems to be working:

I think it’s really good that DSDS now so much friendlier is.

But of course there are also critical voices, after all, Dieter Bohlen was the face of the show for years. Above all, it is his friend Pietro Lombardi who teases against the innovations:

DSDS starts without planks weaker than ever into new season.

DSDS: The ratings are getting worse and worse

At the beginning of the new season, the new DSDS concept had lured many people in front of the television screen. Around 2.65 million viewers switched on at the start of the season. However, this is little compared to last year. There were finally 3.25 million viewers. Juror Florian Silbereisen was still satisfied with the odds:

I expected worse odds. After all, with 2.65 million we are well above the RTL Saturday evening average of the last few months – although DSDS is in the middle of the conversion process.

But now the show has declined even more. Only 1.73 million viewers tuned in to the tenth episode. A new negative record according to “dwdl”:

In the target group was with only 9.3 percent market share set a new negative record.

How long can the new DSDS last until RTL finally throws it out of its program? This remains to be seen…

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