Is Vanessa Mai about to make a comeback with ex-schlager band “Wolkenfrei”?

Updated on 06/15/2022 at 2:43 p.m

  • A new official “Cloud Free” account has appeared on Instagram.
  • Vanessa Mai made her breakthrough with the hit band a few years ago.
  • Now fans are speculating about a possible “cloud-free” comeback.

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Will there be a “Cloud Free” comeback soon? Just a few days ago, a new, official profile of Vanessa Mai’s former band appeared on Instagram. The “cloud free. official” profile is still set to private, only two short clips with a song excerpt can be found on the page. Both clips were obviously recorded in a recording studio. A man, with his back to the camera, appears to be working at a desk. In addition, tones can be heard that sound like a new hit number.

Vanessa Mai herself follows the new profile and recently mentioned the account in one of her stories. The husband and manager of the 30-year-old singer, Andreas Ferber (35), is also one of the handpicked fans of the “Cloud Free” account. Now there is already speculation in fan circles as to what the new Instagram appearance might be all about. Many followers suspect that the band will be reunited – or that Vanessa Mai is at least planning a new musical project with her ex-formation.

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Vanessa Mai celebrated her breakthrough with Wolkenfrei

The hit band “Wolkenfrei” was founded in 1999 as a Marc Fischer band. In 2011 the group was renamed “Wolkenfrei”. After singer Heike Wanner had to leave the band for health reasons, the then 20-year-old Vanessa Mai joined the remaining duo of Marc Fischer and Stefan Kinski. In 2013, the trio landed their first hit with their single “Jeans, T-Shirt and Freedom”, followed in 2014 by their debut album “Endlosliebe”.

The final breakthrough came in 2015 with the song “Wolke 7”. Shortly thereafter, Marc Fischer and Stefan Kinski withdrew from the band – Vanessa Mai became the sole face of “Wolkenfrei”. In 2016, Vanessa Mai finally gave up the name “Wolkenfrei” to appear as an artist under her own name.
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In 2014, Wolkenfrei released their debut album “Endlos in love” (picture). Marc Fischer and guitarist Stefan Kinski withdrew from the band a little – Vanessa Mai became the sole face of the group.