Is Will Smith in therapy after his Oscar freak?

Will Smith (53) is obviously serious about wanting to improve. After he slapped comedian Chris Rock (57) in front of an audience of millions on the stage of the Oscar ceremony, he is now said to be in therapy. “Entertainment Tonight” reports citing an unspecified source.

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Since the Oscar ceremony, where Smith later accepted the award for “Best Actor” for the film “King Richard”, it had become quiet about Will Smith. According to media reports, the actor was seen in India about two weeks ago. Upon his arrival in Mumbai, he posed for photos with some fans. The “People” magazine reported, Will Smith is in India to focus on spirituality, yoga and meditation. This promptly drew criticism. The reason: personal according to “Page Six”the New York Post’s celebrity page, haven’t apologized to Chris Rock yet…

That had happened

During the Oscars live show on March 27, Smith walked out of the audience onto the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face. Rock had made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith (50), before the slap. Rock joked that Pinkett Smith is probably preparing for the sequel to The Jane Files. An obvious nod to the actress having her head shaved. Jada Pinkett Smith has long suffered from a disease-related hair loss, alopecia, which she made public in 2018.

Less than an hour after the slap, Will Smith gave a tearful acceptance speech on stage as he accepted the Oscar. In it, he apologized to the Academy and the other nominees, but not to Chris Rock. The actor fetched it only a day later on Instagram.

The Oscar winner published a contribution there. “Violence in all its forms is poisonous and destructive,” Will Smith wrote in it. “My behavior at the Oscars last night was unacceptable and inexcusable.” Among other things, he added: “I want to apologize to you publicly, Chris. I was off track and I was wrong.” He was embarrassed, said the 53-year-old. His actions didn’t reflect the man he wants to be.

Banned from Oscars for ten years

In early April, Will Smith also announced his retirement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In a statement quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, among otherse, the actor declared he was “heartbroken”. He also wanted to accept all consequences for his behavior during the ceremony. Shortly thereafter, the Oscar Academy barred the actor from award ceremonies for the next ten years.

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