Isabel Pantoja could go back to jail for not repaying the construction debt of one of her houses | Famous

Isabel Pantoja is facing three years in prison in a new trial which began this Tuesday, March 22, charged with punishable insolvencynot having faced a debt for the construction of one of her houses, an accusation that she rejects.

The artist, who has enjoyed great popularity as a singer, both in Spain and in Latin America, denied today in tears have committed a crime.

Dressed in black and with a nervous countenance, she assured the judge that when she found out about the embargo for the debts of that house, located in the city of Marbella (southern Spain), she was in prison, convicted of another crime and “didn’t have the head to nothing”, besides having given a power of attorney to his brother Agustín Pantoja to manage their affairs.

However, the prosecutor maintains that the company of which Pantoja was the sole administrator (Panriver) and another company (the construction company Codabe) acted to the detriment of the credit rights of a third company and for this “they agreed to mutually benefit”, for which he faces a prosecutor’s request for three years in prison.

The public ministry considered the artist a “necessary cooperator” in the crime of insolvency and insisted that both she and the accused Codabe businessman say “they know nothing, despite being sole administrators of their companies”, for which they considered “discredited “Pantoja’s statement.

The trial was seen for sentencing and if Pantoja is guilty, and the judge attends to the prosecutor’s request, he would add a second prison sentence.

Isabel Pantoja was already in jail

has already been sentenced to two years in prison for money launderingof the illicit benefits obtained by his former partner, the former mayor of Marbella (south) Julián Muñoz in his management as head of the City Council of that city.

For this, he was in prison from November 2014 to March 2016, after having served two thirds of the sentence.

Since then he has had little public activity, except for a few concerts and television appearances such as his participation in a reality show called “survivors”, which was recorded in Honduras, or another program in which he participated as a jury in a children’s musical contest.