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Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabella Preysler they announced the end of their relationship of almost eight years at the end of 2022. This generated various rumors about the real reason for the separation. One of them was an alleged scene of jealousy on the part of the Peruvian writer.

The Spanish journalist, Beatriz Cortázar, said that both had a heated discussion before deciding to go their own way. She knew this because she had access to a letter that Preysler dedicated to Vargas Llosa and that triggered the end of their relationship.

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The letter

The journalist mentioned that Isabel Preysler argued with the Nobel winner during the early hours of November 30 because she had arrived from the Moët et Chandon party, causing the novelist discomfort. The jealousy scene occurred in the bathroom when the socialite was changing to go to sleep, without Vargas Llosa noticing that Isabel was on a call with Beatriz Cortázar.

After the discussion, the Peruvian left the house. Two days later, Mario Vargas Llosa sent him the draft of his next novel as an apology for his reaction.

However, the mother of Enrique Iglesias responded with a handwritten letter asking her to remove her things from the house where they lived, putting an end to the idyll.


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