Isabell Horn: “It makes no sense to pretend to be perfect”

Unembellished and still beautiful: Actress Isabell Horn (39) is untypically open on social media, talks about illnesses and does not hide her children from the cell phone camera. Also in the interview, she speaks honestly about her experiences as a mother and new projects – both in front of the camera and for social causes like Hill’s campaign “Feed, Love and a Home” for animal shelters.

Is your life as perfect as it looks on the many beautiful pictures on your Instagram profile?

Isabell Horn: Thanks for the compliment on my photos. Of course, you often show the situations in which you are happy and share the moments when you are happy – but my life and my profile are anything but perfect. I speak quite openly about how the situation as a young mother sometimes really pushed me to my limits or how the partnership has changed since we had children.

As one of the few stars in Germany, you also show your children on Instagram. In the USA this is completely normal, in Germany it is viewed rather critically. Where are the limits for you personally?

Horn: Our two children are part of our lives. Not showing them would not be authentic either. We never show them all from the front and it’s really important to me that they enjoy everything we do as a family.

Depression, signs of pregnancy, suspected cancer: You deal with problems surprisingly openly. Why?

Horn: There’s no point in pretending to be perfect. Nobody is perfect and I don’t want to pretend anything. Of course, it is not easy for me to address such serious issues. That really takes a toll on me. But I also get a lot of letters from women who are going through something similar. This is how we can give each other strength and support.

You have been playing the nurse Rike Köhler in the ZDF series “Bettys Diagnose” for two years. What do you like about this role?

Horn: I love my role and the whole team. Rike is happy, doesn’t say much – and can also counter things well. I like this very much.

How has the series changed your life?

Horn: I was able to get to know so many great people that I really enjoy working with. I am so happy to be a mother, but I am also very happy to be able to work in my job. I love acting – and to have the opportunity to be part of a series like this is really a gift.

Two children, a wife, a successful actress – how do you balance it all?

Horn: It takes a lot, a lot, of planning. And of course I have a partner who supports me a lot. Without him it wouldn’t be possible at all. And then there are loving grandparents who step in when the going gets tough. I’m really thankful for that.

Be honest: are there times when you feel overwhelmed?

Hon: Of course! Several times a week I think, oh dear – how am I supposed to manage all this. But in the end it all works out.

You also have a cat – will more animals follow?

Horn: Yes, exactly, our cat Mia lives with us – when the children are older, one or the other will definitely be added – but of course adopted from an animal shelter. This is important to us!

Now you’ve also gotten involved with animal shelters. How did that happen?

Horn: Our cat Mia has been part of the family for years. I just love animals. I admire the work that animal shelters are doing and I support Hill’s #MissionForeverFriend initiative, which is donating 150,000 meals of pet food to animal shelters in need to ensure animals are properly fed.

What was your part in the action?

Horn: I asked my followers in April to share photos of their four-legged friends on Instagram using the hashtag #MissionForeverFriend. For each post, food was donated to a local animal shelter. In addition, more than 12 million shelter animals have found permanent homes through the Food, Love and a Home program. I think that’s really great and I’m very happy to support it.

Is it important to you that your children learn to care for their pets at an early age?

Horn: Definitely! The older one was allowed to come to the last check-up of our cat Mia. The vet explained to her exactly how Mia is doing and what our old cat needs for her health.

Do you pay the same attention to the health of your cat as you do to your children?

Horn: Yes, definitely. Mia is part of the family for us and in a family you take care of each other. For example, a balanced diet is just as important to us as it is to Mia. With Hill’s, we have tailored her diet precisely to her needs. It took a little longer until we found the right food for her – our Mia simply leaves some food where it is.

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