Isabella Castillo reveals that divorce with her ex was difficult

The actor Matias Novoa He is currently in a romantic relationship with Michelle Renaud, whom he flaunts at every opportunity he gets, and he seems very happy.

However, his ex-wife Isabella Castillo has confessed that her divorce with the actor was a rather difficult process for her, she even came to question some things about her marriage.

Isabella Castillo confesses that her divorce with Matías Novoa was difficult. Photo: capture

Isabella Castillo and actor Matías Novoa got married in 2019, and although they were seen as a consolidated couple, it was on October 31 of last year that they decided to end their relationshipTherefore, a year after their separation, it seems that the two managed to rebuild their lives.

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Likewise, the actress has confessed how difficult the divorce process was with someone who meant a lot to her and who she continues to keep a special love for all those moments they lived together.

“You know… Marriage represents many things, a life project that is no longer going to happen“, the actress confessed to a Telemundo program.

Isabella Castillo was also open to continue talking about her old relationship, and mentioned the program “Red Hot‘, which was an internal war that she had with herself during that difficult moment.

“After the divorce I went through many stages; first the stage of anger, not with Matías. I love Matías very much; the anger of having felt that something failed, that perhaps I failed in my marriage,” he declared.

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However, now the actress has found love again and learned that it was the best thing that could happen to her, because she is full and very happy with someone who respects her, living a new facet in her life.

“I am with a person who values ​​me very much and with whom I get along very well, and he respects me a lot and that fills me with great tranquility and peace”he pointed.

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