Isabella Santiago and Ramiro Meneses cooked together again

Starting this Saturday, Canal RCN decided that its flagship reality show will also be broadcast on weekends. Just like on weekdays, the cooking contest follows the 7 o’clock news.

One of the most tense moments, until now, of the new edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ was starred by the actress Isabella Santiago and the actor and director Ramiro Meneses, who fought in a challenge in pairs.

Then, Meneses criticized the Venezuelan before the cameras and made him ugly. However, in the broadcast this Saturday, March 26, comedian Estiwar G brought them back together with the intention of finding a reconciliation.

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In a new team challenge, Estiwar was the captain of the blue team and chose Isabella Santiago and Ramiro Meneses as partners. He himself said that the idea of ​​putting them to cook together is that they become friends.

The blue team had to prepare an Italian ciabatta bread from scratch, and then serve a sandwich to diners at a hotel in the Coffee Region. Although they did not have much contact during the cooking, Santiago and Meneses, as was obvious, had moments together and they were seen to be calmer with each other’s presence.

Although there was no definitive reconciliation as such, it was the beginning of a rapprochement with a good attitude. In addition, the challenge did not go well for them and they will have to cook together again to save themselves from the black apron threat in ‘Masterchef’.