Isabella Santiago was upset by the judge’s comments

The interactions between the jurors of ‘Masterchef’ and the participants usually leave very striking situations, such as when Jorge Rausch came out with a rudeness to congratulate Sebastián ‘Tatán’ Mejía.

However, in chapter 49 of the RCN Channel program, one of these crossings caused the annoyance of the actress Isabella Santiago, who in the past has already exposed her indisposition with other participants.

The protagonist of that striking moment, again, was Rausch. The chef questioned in his talk to the Venezuelan, that he barely had 10 minutes to execute his dish in the test.

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The “Masterchef” jury criticized the participant for the result of her dish and did so through ironic comments, in which she came to involve and scare “Tatán”.

“You knew that the cheese should not go,” Rausch told Santiago jokingly, to which she asked him why he should know, to which he replied: “As you know everything”, in reference to the attitude has assumed in the past when criticized.

Before the gestures that Nicolás de Zubiría made behind her to indicate that it was a joke, the actress reacted with shame and replied at that moment: “I did not take the joke.”

However, in subsequent interviews, he warned that it is not part of his personality to respond gracefully in such situations. The auction of the meeting led Rausch, again jokingly, to tell him that it was ‘Tatán’ Mejía’s fault for giving him less time than his colleagues.

“At no time do I feel like it’s his fault,” she said, to which the jury replied more seriously to close the conversation: “I didn’t tell you what you think, I told you what I think.”

The chefs Nicolás de Zubiría and Christopher Carpentier also disapproved of Santiago’s execution in the test, although they were more direct in calling him out.

The Venezuelan participant showed her annoyance at these comments and expressed it with a forceful phrase: “This is not about the dish, maybe it’s something personal.”

This was the summary with the situation that arose between the actress and the jury of the culinary program during the interaction between the two at the time of qualifying.